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radiofreewhat's the benefit of the gold linker?01:36
radiofreethe gold standard test is whether or not i can build and link webkit with 2G of ram without everything grinding to a halt01:37
radiofree(thie build already works)01:37
rjekradiofree: It's much faster and incremental, IIRC08:50
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KinnisonSadly, last time I looked, GoLD still had some issues where it mis-linked things09:58
Kinnison(though that was > 1 year ago)09:59
richard_mawthere was some trouble with it in systemd on non-x86 architectures with old toolchains10:03
straycatwould anyone mind if we tweaked gc so that it only deletes artifacts older than --cachedir-artifact-delete-older-than if it needs to?10:04
straycati wanted to do some other stuff, but that depends on changes that haven't been merged ( )10:05
richard_mawstraycat: that's semantically equivalent to setting --cachedir-artifact-delete-older-that to the same as --cachedir-artifact-keep-younger-than I think10:05
richard_mawas in the whole point of the delete-older-than option was that sometimes you really don't care about those artifacts10:06
straycatokay yeah, i guess i can easily give it the behaviour i want by making --cachdir-artifact-delete-older-than really high10:19
* richard_maw grumbles about the gerrit UI again10:19
richard_mawthe dependencies information is only viewable in the "old" version of the UI10:20
straycatahh yes, there is a "related changes" pane in the new version though10:20
richard_mawyep, with no dependency information10:21
richard_mawjust that they're all part of the same topic10:21
* straycat generally prefers the new ui to be less cluttered than the old one10:21
straycats/prefers/finds/ >.>10:21
richard_mawtrue, but they ought to have found a way to do so without reducing the available information10:22
straycatrichard_maw, luckily the changes from a series are submitted in order, so you can "easily" tell from the change number10:22
straycatthough i'm not sure what happens when parallel submission occur10:23
straycati don't think gerrit are that interested in supporting the concept of a patch series though, so that's probably influenced that particular ui choice10:33
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