IRC logs for #baserock for Saturday, 2015-04-04

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paulsherwoodrjek: we're still not using distcc, afaik though06:50
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radiofreewe are not11:24
straycatheh, well i'm glad the base system at least has ed :p11:48
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jjardonstraycat: I think you have vi as well? (the one provided by busybox)12:14
jjardonmmm, seems is down12:14
* jjardon wanted to enable the gold linker but seems binutils tarball is broken (seems you need flex/bison)12:16
straycatjjardon, ahh so you do :)12:22
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ratmice__jjardon: it looks like gold is missing a 'diststuff: $(EXTRA_DIST)' from its makefile, if you want to try that and try to regenerate the tarball with (only in the git repo though/doesn't make it to tarball)15:20
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jjardonratmice__: thanks for the hint, I will try when I have my computer around22:32

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