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gfinney_good morning bench08:14
petefothgfinney_: close. 'bench' != 'baserock' ;)08:15
gfinney_Ah. Sorry08:15
gfinney_It's that thing in the morning where it does lots of catching up08:16
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SotK is red :(08:56
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SotKpython-prettytable is failing because it can't find setuptools08:57
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SotKI guess whichever stratum python-prettytable is in didn't get its build-depends updated when setuptools went in python-core08:58
radiofreeit needs to depend on python-core now08:59
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pedroalvarezanybody patching it?09:00
SotKI can send one09:00
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pedroalvarezoh, py prettytable duplicated09:04
SotKyep, want me to move it into python-core in this fix too?09:05
pedroalvarezhm.. no, I think these things should't go to python-core09:05
pedroalvarezI was going to de the same for some python dependencies from ansible, and people didn't like the idea09:06
SotKdo we need a different stratum for things like this then? python-common or similar?09:06
pedroalvarezthat is what I was thinking09:06
pedroalvarezpython-utils maybe?09:07
pedroalvarezwe can discuss it today09:07
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SotK\o/ mason is green again09:52
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franredhi, we have markupsafe duplicated in ansible.morph and openstack-common (in the openstack branch) could I move it to python-tools or do you think is better to move to python-core? The description of markupsafe is: "Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python"10:25
franredwhat do the baserock folks think is better to move it?10:26
pedroalvarezI was looking at that last week10:26
straycatit's not really a tool, and it doesn't belong in core10:27
pedroalvarezI agreed that python-core wasn't the place10:27
straycatso i'd make a new stratum for this sort of thing10:27
pedroalvarezmarkupsafe, paramiko, prettyyable...10:27
SotK+1 for python-utils10:27
pedroalvarezSotK also suggested python-common10:27
straycati'm not sure about util, these are python libraries really aren't they10:29
straycatoh woohoo a bike shed10:30
pedroalvarezhm.. python-libs? python-libraries?10:30
ssam2i'm not sure why it doesn't belong in python-core, at least for now.10:31
straycatssam2, the more stuff we lump in core the more unnecessary rebuilding10:32
straycati really think we need to try have more separation10:32
straycat*and have10:32
SotKcan anyone quickly explain to me how artifact fetching works using morph-cache-server?10:36
franredI agree with straycat, as soon as we create different strata to have more separation as soon as we don't have to suffer massive rebuilds10:36
Kinnisonsotk: Do you mean morph fetching artifacts, or m-c-s fetching artifacts from a distbuild worker?10:36
SotKKinnison: the latter :)10:37
pedroalvarezWell, we are now in a world that we don't care about rebuiilds.. because of Mason10:37
Kinnisonthe controller tells the trove's m-c-s the worker and the set of artifacts needed, the trove m-c-s then fetches all the files to a temporary location and once it has all of them, it atomically places them into the cache10:37
pedroalvarezbuy I also agree10:37
Kinnisonthen the controller m-c-s responds to the distbuild controller to say  it is done10:38
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zarazaimecheI've tried upgrading a to a devel system from the currently downloadable baserock build image, with no luck. I've also tried building franred's openstack-v3 branch, with no luck. The exact errors depend on the version of morph, but 'no module named setuptools' is a popular one.10:39
*** zarazaimeche is now known as Zara10:39
radiofreeZara: that has been fixed this morning10:40
pedroalvarezindeed, if that is the problem please, get the latest definitions10:40
straycatpython-common or python-libs both seem equally fine to me btw, i can't think of anything better at least10:41
pedroalvarezI'd avoid *-libs, just because of the suffixes of chunk splintting10:41
radiofreepython-common fits the baserock nomenclature better10:42
radiofreeat least, the one that's been established with the various *-common stratum10:42
kejiahumorning, I am trying to deploy a trove and a distbuild network to Moonshot M400 sleds, can I get some idea on what I need to do?10:42
straycatpython-common sounds good then10:42
radiofreestrata is the plural right?10:43
* straycat nods10:43
pedroalvarezpython-common works also for me10:43
Zaragreat. :) Could we have some kind of warning on the channel when the definitions are known to be broken? I've wasted several days, updating definitions and/or morph frequently. If there's info somewhere else, where can I find it?10:43
franredok, so python-common it is.10:43
straycatkejiahu, there are some trove guides on that may be of use10:43
* franred prepares the patch for it10:43
radiofreeZara: if it's red, something's broken ;)10:43
pedroalvarezfranred: what things do you plan to move?10:44
* straycat wouldn't mind having mason notification in channel, but other people would probably find it annoying10:44
radiofreealthough i don't think definitions has been broken for 'several days', perhaps you have some other issue?10:44
franredZara, also openstack-v3 was patched this morning too, problem with ansible.morph which contains markupsafe and does not contain python-core10:44
SotKKinnison: thanks10:44
franredpedroalvarez, I plan to move at first only markupsafe, which other want you me to move into python-common?10:45
kejiahustraycat, thanks, I have read the trove guides, it seems they are all for deployment to VMs. is there anything for bare metel?10:45
radiofreestraycat: that would be good, as long as it was smart enough not to spam the channel every 3 minutes when a build continues to fail10:46
pedroalvarezlet me move the ansible.morph chunks, I have a patch ready for that10:46
franredpedroalvarez, go for it10:46
KinnisonSotK: it was done that way to reduce the number of systems needing to be authorised to the write-interface of the cache server10:47
pedroalvarezthere are others though10:47
KinnisonSotK: basically only the distbuild controller needs it in that model (though something for GCing it would need it too)10:47
straycatkejiahu, there's nothing specifically on deploying trove to bare metal there may be a more general guide for deploying baserock to bare metal though, richard_maw or pedroalvarez may know more about that10:47
franredpedroalvarez, yes, they will be, I think openstack-* has duplicity of some python packages present on other morphologies, if you can have a look at that would be good too10:47
straycatradiofree, yes :)10:47
kejiahustraycat, cheers10:47
SotKpython-prettytable is one of them10:48
* pedroalvarez will take a look at them10:48
Zaracan confrim that python-prettytable was one that was failing for me before.10:49
richard_mawkejiahu: mostly just that you probably want to have an initramfs, and unless you can easily take the disk out and put it in a dock to image it, you'll also need to wrap that in an installer system, we can dig out instructions as-needed10:49
tlsaI've de-duplicated prettytable on the branch I'm working on10:49
kejiahurichard_maw, I don't think we have physically access to the disk... an instrution will be appreciate10:51
pedroalvareztlsa: where have you put it?10:52
tlsaalso updated to 0.7.2-RELEASE10:52
richard_mawkejiahu: what access do you have?10:53
ssam2Kinnison, SotK: we've found that the current model of distbuild artifact fetching is a bit flawed, because it means the Trove needs to be able to access each worker individually10:53
ssam2I believe that the proposed network config at DataCentred for the Jetson cloud would put all the workers behind one IP10:54
ssam2although I've not been following closely the plans10:54
kejiahurichard_maw, VPN access to the node and iLO10:54
Kinnisonthat would certainly require design alteration10:54
straycatssam2, I think this was originally intended to avoid requiring each worker to have write access to the trove10:55
richard_mawkejiahu: Does the iLO let you attach a boot disk?10:55
KinnisonThat, and to ensure that networking firewalls were more sane (connections always went *toward* the workers for things other than what morph does to achieve a build)10:56
kejiahurichard_maw, I don't think so, but we can change boot preference(pxe or SSD)10:59
SotKOK, next question is does anyone have an idea how the same should be achieved given that the artifacts are now directory trees rather than tarballs? :)10:59
Kinnisonvia whatever synchronisation methods OSTree provides?11:00
SotKperhaps the Trove OSTree repo does an `ostree pull` from a remote set to the worker url11:00
ssam2will `ostree pull` or `ostree push` do the job?11:00
ssam2that might make sense, yeah, then the model is the samew11:00
ssam2although it doesn't solve the problem of having workers behind one IP... but we could perhaps work around that separately by having the controller pull from the workers and the trove pull from the controller, as a separate task11:01
SotKyeah, I don't think I have time to solve that part right now :)11:01
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persiaKinnison: How is it more sane to have the connections always towards the workers?  In the case of the distbuild networks used for the cache server, it seems like we want those to have private IPs, to avoid random hosts on the internet reaching them.  I worry that we may be losing something else by thinking about the problem this way.11:25
Kinnisonpersia: I can't recall the details, but I do remember it made a lot of sense at the time for the physical networks we were installing distbuild clusters into11:26
Kinnisonpersia: I'm willing to believe there's a better way11:26
persiaI don't know.  I just don't want to reverse a set of intentional decisoins without understanding them :)11:27
Kinnisontbf, at the time we weren't thinking of internet-connected clusters11:27
persiaWhereas yesterday I was fully behind the idea of hiding the distbuild cluster behind a NAT, I'm suddenly unsure today.11:27
Kinnisonso I think coming up with a design which is good for the br-ops stuff independently of previous design is possibly the best approach11:28
straycatif the worker gets compromised we probably don't want it to have unrestricted write access to a trove11:53
straycat*trove's cache11:53
Zarabtw, is it possible to morph branch from a specific commit (if so, how)? would save me some trouble in the future! :)11:54
straycatZara, i think you can just morph branch <branch> <sha>11:56
Zarastraycat: cool, thanks :)11:58
persiastraycat: Excellent point.12:00
Zarahm, just realised that 'troubleshooting' has gone under 'guides' in the wiki. I probably wouldn't look under 'guides' for troubleshooting (took me a while to find it just now; at first I thought it might have been moved under 'tips and tricks').12:06
petefothI think Troubleshooting needs to be visible in the side bar. I thought that it was. Has it been moved recently?12:07
Zarayeah, it's been moved.12:07
petefothBy <Paul@web>;a=commit;h=38e6f8a42418924550d2f0316692024b855f28a612:11
petefothI thinhk I'll avoid getting into git-based bikeshedding about where bits of documentation should live :)12:12
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Zarayeah, we sorted this out months ago; don't really want to mess around with it again just to have it reverted.12:14
Zaraif it bothers enough other people then someone else might change it12:14
Zaraas for me, I know where it is now. :P12:15
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pedroalvarezargh, ebtables is broken now:
Zaraoh hey I was just about to paste about ebtables13:00
Zaramy paste was loooooong (
Zara(I was going to ask if it was to do with needing newer morph, but I'm guessing not?)13:01
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pedroalvarezcould this be because of the linux-headers upgrade ?13:04
pedroalvarezI really don't know :/13:04
ZaraI was trying to build franred's openstack-v3 branch, if that helps narrow things down at all :S13:05
pedroalvarezso was I13:05
Zara:S :S13:06
Zara"2015-02-26 12:46:31 INFO Command failed: git cat-file blob 09792f0107a9318da809908db31f0b826017de7b:.gitmodules13:08
Zarafatal: Not a valid object name 09792f0107a9318da809908db31f0b826017de7b:.gitmodules13:08
Zaraseems like it might be an important thing.13:08
Zarathough actually it says something similar on mine for the step before, so maybe not13:09
pedroalvarezNo, I think that's not the problem. I think morph at that point is just checking if ebtables has a .gitmoudles files13:10
pedroalvarezand it doesn't have any13:10
Zaraah, okay13:12
pedroalvarezok, that file used to be in linux-api-headers, but not after the latest upgrade13:15
persiaWas the config changed?  The linux API is typically fairly good about being backwards-compatible.13:16
pedroalvarezI'll research a bit deeper, but looks like everything from netfilter_bridge/ebt_ is there:
persiaInteresting.  It's just the one file missing.13:20
persiaSeems to be d4da843e6fad4f278fe82b075d8e394cff05c95c13:22
persiaSo need a newer userspace, or an older kernel.13:23
pedroalvarezI was looking at that commit :)13:23
persiaBut that change was from 25th July 2014, making me wonder why we didn't notice previously.13:23
pedroalvarezthe linux-api-headers chunk was using v3.813:24
pedroalvarezwe have moved to v3.19 recently13:24
pedroalvarezand we have rebased our branches today :/13:25
persiaAlso, that didn't get merged until d219673d8437ff1073c11d30ac496fa42b09662c13:25
persiaErr, except that was 5 days later.  Hrm.13:25
pedroalvarezlatest ebtables commit 10 months ago.. :/13:27
* pedroalvarez disables ulog in ebtables13:48
* Zara waits to see what happens13:54
pedroalvarezZara: it builds :)13:55
Zaraare you patching the branch, or should I just disable it manually for now (if so, how?)13:56
pedroalvarezZara: branch patched13:57
pedroalvarezI'll investigate now if ebtables is still needed for libvirt13:57
kejiahu richard_maw, have you managed to find instructions about deploy trove to M400 please?13:59
richard_maw is the closest14:05
richard_mawIs there a DHCP server already running in the private network you join via VPN?14:06
Zarabuild failed at python-memcached this time14:07
SotKwhats the error?14:07
Zaraah, it's setuptools again14:08
pedroalvarezZara, SotK: That one is easy :)14:08
richard_mawkejiahu: if not you might get away with joining it and deploying with `PXEBOOT_MODE: spawn-novlan`14:09
pedroalvarezZara: fixed14:10
kejiahurichard_maw, thanks14:10
richard_mawkejiahu: you will have to be careful about PXEBOOT_DEPLOYER_INTERFACE though. The dhcp server that spawn-novlan spawns will bind to that interface, so any DHCP requests that come in on that interface will be handled.14:12
richard_mawkejiahu: I don't recall the details about how VPNs work, but if connections to your local, physical network, and the remote network over the VPN are on the same interface, then you can bring down your local network.14:15
richard_mawif after you connect to the VPN you have a new entry in `ip link` then you should be able to connect that into your virtual machine and deploy over that14:17
kejiahurichard_maw, can't I build and deploy from a node within the same subnet of target node?14:18
kejiahurichard_maw, as we seems have plant of M400 to use14:18
ssam2_FYI: I'm thinking of doing a baserock 15.09 release tomorrow, any thoughts?14:19
ssam2_didn't do one last friday because there were still a bunch of bugs14:19
pedroalvarezthat would be great IMO14:19
ssam2_and in fact someone still needs to get a patch sent and merged for (morph builds systems that extlinux can't boot right now)14:20
ssam2_I'll look at doing that later today14:20
pedroalvarezIIRC this was a workaround and not a fix? Being the fix a syslinux upgrade?14:21
* pedroalvarez is not sure14:21
ssam2_it's a workaround14:21
ssam2_but i'm not sure if latest syslinux actually supports the new btrfs stuff yet14:21
* tiagogomes_ wrecked the network of his machine with PXEBOOT_DEPLOYER_INTERFACE14:22
richard_mawkejiahu: you didn't mention that you already had a foothold in the network. You could deploy from a node already in there.14:27
kejiahurichard_maw, ha. my apologize..14:32
richard_mawI'm just a little worried that you might already have a DHCP server in there. Do you need to statically assign IP addresses to the nodes or your client when you connect to the VPN?14:34
tiagogomes_heh, I can't build things anymore:
tiagogomes_it was working before14:34
pedroalvareztiagogomes_: I think is a known bug14:35
tiagogomes_but it was working!!14:35
tiagogomes_is there a known solution?14:35
pedroalvarezI think the fix was merged in morph14:35
pedroalvarezI may be wrong14:35
kejiahurichard_maw, I think there is a DHCP server there already14:36
Zarapedroalvarez: setuptools strikes again! mod_wsgi-metrics (my step 206/413)14:37
pedroalvarezZara: already fixed :)14:37
Zarabahhh, I must have cloned between the last fix and that one14:37
pedroalvareztiagogomes_: this sha1 of morph has the fix: f5163dd418e342fe6e5fb18625828076130a5e5714:37
pedroalvarezZara: note you don't have to remove and clone again14:38
pedroalvarez`git pull` should be enough14:38
tiagogomes_pedroalvarez ta, I'm still curious why it just stopped working14:38
richard_mawkejiahu: right, that means you need to set up a machine on that network to have a tftp and nfs server, and to configure the DHCP server to direct net-boot requests to the other server14:38
pedroalvareztiagogomes_: check if latest version works, and if that was the problem then you can ask Sam (who did the fix :)14:39
Zarapedroalvarez: ah, I'd been removing and 'morph branch'ing.14:39
pedroalvareztiagogomes_: haha! I've just hit the same bug14:40
kejiahurichard_maw, yes, that's what tiago is working on. I will check with him when necessary14:40
tiagogomes_it is like a virus, it spreading14:40
pedroalvarezI'm using 74f60a7ed286dd88e24539d46b9a86147a8e78b514:40
pedroalvarezerm.. morph master doesn't fix it14:41
tiagogomes_perhaps this is a problem with the git query service on the trove no?14:43
* tiagogomes_ tries with --no-git-update14:43
SotKpedroalvarez: can you paste your morph log somewhere?14:44
tiagogomes_kejiahu we already have tftp, nfs and dhcp servers configured14:44
Zarapedroalvarez: xstatic also faces the setuptools foe14:45
tiagogomes_it didn't work, :|14:45
straycatwhat is going on here? everything should get setuptools14:45
SotKsetuptools was moved to python-core from core and some/all dependencies weren't updated14:46
SotKs/dependencies/stratum build-depends/14:46
tiagogomes_now it is working, but it is building everything from scratch :'(14:47
* SotK is confused as to why that happened :/14:50
pedroalvarezurghh! it's building a different sha1 and not my current sha114:50
pedroalvarezjust because I have my git repository clean14:51
pedroalvarezand I'm building a different branch as the one I checked out14:51
* pedroalvarez does an sdupid modification on its definitions repo and everything builds again14:52
persiaCan we fix morph to not try to outsmart developers so much?14:52
* Zara refreshes g.b.o in expectation of xstatic fix14:54
* pedroalvarez fixes xstatic for Zara14:54
Zaraand you! if we're still building the same branch. :P14:54
Zarathanks :)14:55
pedroalvareznp :)14:55
franredyeah, thanks pedroalvarez14:57
pedroalvarezthat concrete fix should be merged in master though14:58
franredpedroalvarez, I think the most of them14:58
pedroalvarezi don't know the others, but xstatic is in master already14:59
franredebtables, python-memcached, apache and xstatic are in master already14:59
franredthe setuptools change is a headache for openstack guys because we use a lot of python packages in different strata which almost no-one uses (no in masons I think)15:02
straycatso each of those strata just need to build-depend on python-core15:06
straycator build-depend on some common thing that build-depends on python-core of course15:06
franredhave we ever considered to create a way to specify to build some artifacts rather than download them? (Im thinking that in slow connections build a small python package might be faster than create a connection and download its cached artifact but other like linux/qemu... you would like to download it)15:26
ssam2_quite complex to write code to work out which will be faster15:28
ssam2_it'd be easier to let humans write rules like 'always build chunks in this stratum instead of downloading' (might make sense for python-core etc)15:29
straycatyeah that might be quite cool15:30
SotKI would like this15:30
franredssam2_, yes, nothing very wise, just a way to say this chunk/stratum has to be built always and not use the cache15:35
richard_mawcouldn't you do that by filtering artifact uploads to the cache server?15:40
straycati think there's an argument that the ideal choice varies with geography/network connectivity15:40
franredrichard_maw, your suggestion is to filter them in the mason to not upload them so you will always force the people to build them?15:44
richard_mawsomething like that, yes15:45
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pedroalvarezif we move to ostree artifacts, when all the artifacts are needed to deploy a system, then we won't be able to deploy a system from without building it15:47
pedroalvarezalso, is the shared artifact server of mason, so if a chunk is not there mason won't be able to build chunks that depend on it15:49
* pedroalvarez has done a better workaround for ebtables15:49
pedroalvarezI will submit the patch upstream :)15:49
franredpedroalvarez, cool :)15:50
franredpedroalvarez, you are right, also if we force to build a chunk from source and not use the cache artifact it implies that its dependencies have to be built15:50
franredummm even15:51
pedroalvarezfranred: no, that's not true15:51
pedroalvarezbuild and download at the same time and whatever finishes first? :P15:52
franredpedroalvarez, if chunk b depends on chunk a and a is built does not implies that b is going to be built too?15:53
pedroalvarezif you build A or you download A, it has to be the same15:54
pedroalvarezso dependencies can still be downloaded15:54
franredyeah, that's true15:54
tiagogomes_why x86 kernels are not versioned, and ARM kernels are? e.g vmlinux-3.19-rc515:55
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ssam2_no idea16:11
ssam2_i'm still getting 'setuptools' errors with master of definitions (38bc8b124a2c15abde91c7c263a833459071efa5)16:19
persiaI don't like anything being built locally if it is available in cache, even though this has caused me to take multiple days building systems in the past because nothing was built locally and network was bad.16:19
ssam2_in chunk markupsafe16:20
Zara...can anyone confirm that the openstack-cluster.morph, deployed and used as the basis for a vm in virt-manager, actually boots? I'm getting the same failure to boot as last week.16:20
persiaEssentially, as soon as I have multiple local builds, I don't trust that I have the same thing, because they aren't bit-identical.16:20
ssam2_Zara: latest morph makes systems that don't boot16:20
ssam2_patch will fix it16:20
persiaI'm willing to trust the cache-key generation logic to know when I need different binaries, but I'm not happy about building things differently in different places, and trusting the test results will match.16:21
franredssam2_, pedroalvarez has patches for it but they are applied to openstack-v316:21
ssam2_pedroalvarez: do you have time to send them for review for merge into masteR?16:21
Zarassam2_: okay, I'm not actually using latest morph right now, but the morph that came on this system16:21
ssam2_in return I'll send a patch for this horrible morph bug16:21
pedroalvarezssam2_: I do have time for that16:21
Zaradoes anyone have a commit ref handy for a version of morph I can use that builds systems that boot?16:23
ssam2_it's not Morph that changed to trigger this problem. it's the upgrade of btrfs-progs that broke things16:24
ssam2_so the only fix is to apply the patch I linked to for now, or downgrade your OS to one that has btrfs-progs older than v3.18.216:25
Zaraah, okay16:25
Zarathat would explain why I was able to build a devel system but not this one :)16:26
ssam2_morph.git branch sam/disable-new-btrfs-features sent for review, i'd appreciate if someone who was hit by this bug can test it for me16:46
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Zarahi ssam2_; I've patched my morph but I'm not sure how it interacts with the build process-- do I need to get rid of something and rebuild, or just redeploy?16:50
ssam2_just redeploy16:50
Zaracool, thanks :)16:50
ssam2_to be clear, the branch is different from the patch I linked to earlier16:50
ssam2_could you try the branch rather than the patch? the branch is the thing that would actually get merged to morph.git16:51
Zaraoh, okay, I can try the branch-- I'm not using latest morph at the moment, so just checking that won't cause a problem?16:51
ssam2_the branch is on top of the latest 'master' of Morph16:54
ssam2_if your devel system is new enough to have pylru then it shouldn't cause any issue16:54
ssam2_if it doesn't have pylru you'll need to clone it, as described in
ssam2_anyway, if you don't have pylru you'll find out soon enough :)16:55
ZaraI switched back and forth a bit in case morph was causing my errors earlier; should have all the bits and pieces lying around!16:56
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Zaracan confirm that dear little tarquin booted. there's some strangeness (eg: I couldn't reboot at first), but that might just be unique to this vm, and I just don't know about it because I haven't booted this vm before17:32
Zaraeither way, better than not booting.17:32
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ssam2_great, thanks!17:33 is now building stuff again, i've upgraded it to get the sam/sourceresolver-fixes branch of morph17:34
robtaylormauricemoss_, rdale: do i understand correctly you've built a minimal system with musl? o_O!17:49
mauricemoss_robtaylor: rdale did built some parts with musl, but not a full system AFAIK. I just verified a small patch to make from him.17:52
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rdalei can try and build a minimal musl based system though, as the stratum is done18:05
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