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paulsherwoodactually the full story is ... somehow the jetson lost itself while in the deploy step. reset05:11
paulsherwoodjjardon: sadly could not get your baserock/jjardon/llvm_34 to build on jetson (after merging with definitiona master)
pedroalvarez_i think the "Removing temporary mounts" step has actually removed more than that08:17
paulsherwoodit was ok after reboot08:23
paulsherwoodi manage to boot into the new genivi baseline, but can't get anything visible on HDMI08:25
paulsherwoodtegra-hdmi 54280000.hdmi: cannot set audio to 44100 at 154000000 pclk08:41
paulsherwoodcan we remove
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radiofreepaulsherwood: had the same problem yesterday, changing the hdmi lead fixes it...09:31
jjardonpaulsherwood: :( thanks for testing though! I will test the 'release-33' branch when I have a computer around09:33
wikicat[35m change to guides/release-process on Baserock [37m09:37
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KinnisonHopefully that'll fix the colour issues from wikicat09:41
* Kinnison -> gone again09:41
wikicat[35m change to guides on Baserock [37m09:44
wikicat[35m change to guides on Baserock [37m09:44
paulsherwoodooh, there's an echo09:45
paulsherwoodradiofree: this lead works fine for the 3.10 image?09:46
* paulsherwood wonders if the 14.40 artifacts are 'live' yet09:48
paulsherwoodjjardon: i'll try release_33 here10:03
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: they are! :)10:11
pedroalvarezI uploaded them this morning10:12
* straycat was hoping to not to have to do any work on wikicat10:15
pedroalvarezlooks like not all of the artifacts I've uploaded can be used. We have to look at this10:20
pedroalvarezI think it's related to the build-per-source change10:21
wikicat[35m change to guides/vm-setup on Baserock [37m10:29
wikicat[35m change to guides/vm-setup on Baserock [37m10:29
radiofreepedroalvarez: is this related to why i couldn't deploy from a distbuild network?10:30
wikicat[35m change to guides/vm-setup on Baserock [37m10:30
rjek_Colour :(10:34
radiofreeoh that's what it was10:34
paulsherwoodERROR: Field system-integration not allowed in morphology strata/bsp-jetson-genivi/nouveau-drm.morph10:56
paulsherwoodthis in vanilla 14.40, after morph init, morph branch10:56
radiofreei suppose morph needs to be updated then10:57
paulsherwoodheh. we released 14.40, but haven't update morph10:58
paulsherwoodso, simplest fix would be to tweak the wiki, insist user updates morph during config of machine11:02
paulsherwoodsince the current instructions won't work without this, i propose to go ahead and make that tweak...11:04
wikicat[35m change to quick-start on Baserock [37m11:10
* paulsherwood notices everything from linux-api-headers is building, rather than fetching11:13
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pedroalvarezErm.. The release has to have the latest morph 12:10
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: sadly, it appears not to :)12:10
paulsherwoodi may be wrong, of course?12:11
pedroalvarezIn this case I hope you are12:11
pedroalvarezThe release branch is based on master, at least 12:12
paulsherwoodoh, ffs. it's mee12:13
* paulsherwood should take up landscape gardening12:14
pedroalvarezAbout your build, failing to fetch the release artifacts,  I think there is a bug in the morph code and it tries to fetch the wrong artifact 12:14
paulsherwoodactually, i'm still seeing what i thought i saw. please hold12:18
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: pretty sure that current from baserock wiki has morph --version e8adedb8f3f27d9212caf277b8e8f7c6792a20c2 12:27
paulsherwoodwhich is not latest morph12:27
* paulsherwood now explicitly tries baserock-14.40-devel-system-x86_64-generic.img.gz12:28
paulsherwoodok, mystery solved. the 'current' links on seem to be not pointing to the 14.40 images12:38
paulsherwood has latest morph12:39
* paulsherwood wonders how the 'current' links get set, and hopes it isn't by manual edit12:51
pedroalvarezIt is always pointing to the same "file". But this file is just a symlink to the latest release 12:57
pedroalvarezI'll check the symlink 12:57
radiofreeok, this is weird13:12
radiofreeon an actual jetson board, build a system, deploy it13:12
radiofreeget ERROR: Deployment failed as system is not yet built.13:12
pedroalvarezLinks in the download page updated 13:22
pedroalvarezradiofree: are13:23
pedroalvarezradiofree: version of morph? (morph --version)13:24
pedroalvarezalso, when doing "morph checkout" have you put the name of the branch where the system you are trying to build/deploy is?13:25
pedroalvareze.g. `morph checkout baserock:baserock/definitions baserock/radiofree/my-branch`13:26
pedroalvarezIf not, please, create a clean workspace doing that, and try again13:27
radiofreepedroalvarez: 53e1b30f654d05a26a999a0ad7b8ff9c1895aef613:38
radiofreetrying a fresh branch now13:38
radiofreepedroalvarez: still same problem13:53
pedroalvarezother thing to check is: are you trying to deploy the same system?13:59
radiofreewell we fixed one issue by changing to use the same version of morph that's on the distbuild network14:07
radiofreenow, this same system that is built and cached, when i make some changes to the bsp + weston wants to rebuild almost everything14:08
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* paulsherwood wonders if there's a different image to flash onto a Jetson by default, since 14.1020:06
paulsherwoodapparently not20:08
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: what do you mean?21:24
pedroalvarezthere is a new devel image for jetson in the 14.40 release21:24
pedroalvarezbtw, I was wrong saying that morph whas broken when fetching artifacts. I had configured in morph.conf another artifact-cache-server. Removing that configuration did the trick.21:25
pedroalvarezMaybe we could support various artifact servers21:25
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: yes, there is a new devel image, but no equivalent of baserock-e424935744d-devel-system-jetson.tar.gz for flashing?21:28
pedroalvarezI believe that is equivalent21:28
pedroalvarezit has the flashing script, the image, and u-boot21:29
paulsherwoodok, i'll try that :)21:31
paulsherwoodif it works, i'll update the wiki21:31
pedroalvareznot sure if it's the right way to ship the jetson kit (rootfs + uboot), but for now I think it's ok and handy21:39

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