IRC logs for #baserock for Sunday, 2014-10-05

paulsherwoodlooks like it built ok, to me? but install failing...08:42
paulsherwoodthose install-commands are from our original integration of sdl 1 - presumably it's all different now08:44
radiofreethese are the install commands from daniels chunk though08:44
paulsherwoodi think he may have bodged things, not used full install08:45
radiofreewell /usr/smartdevicelink-qt/bin has smartdevicelink core08:45
radiofreeso i'm guessing make install does that08:46
radiofreeso we don't have to do the copy08:46
paulsherwoodok so i'll scrap that command?08:46
* radiofree removes the mkdir + copy stuff from smartdevicelink-qt + smartdevicelink-web08:46
radiofreeyeah, just do make install DESTDIR=$DESTDIR08:46
radiofreeoh well08:47
radiofreeleave the web one alone08:47
radiofreepaulsherwood: this build on x86 though?08:47
paulsherwoodstill waiting for morph to make up its mind on jetson08:49
paulsherwoodin other news, when i create a vm in virtualbox following the baserock instructions these days, it crashes with some network error. then i just go to network settings vi vbox ui, all seems fine, and machine works....08:53
paulsherwood2014-10-05 08:39:55 Stratum [lua-runtime] version is 919529208:53
paulsherwood2014-10-05 08:53:20 [Build 286/351] [smartdevicelink-qt] Building chunk smartdevicelink-qt08:53
paulsherwood13 1/4 minutes thinking time08:54
paulsherwoodmorph has got big and fat08:55
radiofreedid you build with --verbose?08:55
paulsherwoodno, i like tidy ouput. there'll be more in the log, though08:57
paulsherwoodwant to see?08:57
radiofreemaybe it's actually building?08:59
radiofreeor do you see "running build commands"?08:59
radiofreesmartdevicelink-qt built and installed!08:59
paulsherwoodit is building. i'm just saying morph shouldn't spend 13 mins debating what to do08:59
radiofreeoh yeah that's bad09:00
paulsherwoodw00t! does it work, though?09:00
radiofreei still have a lot to build before i can test 09:01
radiofree[Build 1530/1848]09:01
radiofreebut at least qt5 is built, so most of the big stuff is done now09:01
paulsherwoodah... you're using an older morph09:01
radiofreegod damn it09:04
radiofreeERROR: In staging area /src/tmp/staging/tmpDLn8Qe: running command 'sh -c make' failed.09:04
radiofreemax jobs again i think09:04
* paulsherwood wonders if there's a default splitting rule to apply that will reduce these systems by 50%09:12
paulsherwood(to save on deploy times)09:12
paulsherwood(and space)09:12
radiofreehurrah smart device link is done09:16
radiofreenow onto gtk by the looks of it09:16
paulsherwoodbut you also have llvm up ahead :)09:19
radiofreeisn't llvm only needed by mesa?09:22
radiofreei'm not sure why we need gtk2?09:22
radiofreei'm removing this09:22
paulsherwoodjjardon has been trying to tidy this up09:23
radiofreeglibmm will need it09:23
radiofreei'm building stuff in x-generic09:30
radiofreeso i guess i won't need to rebuild llvm09:30
radiofreebut at least i have the smartdevicelink stuff built now, if this build isn't finished by 12.30ish i can at least manually test smartdevicelink09:31
paulsherwooddo you have a working bluetooth?09:33
radiofreehmm not sure, easy fix though09:36
paulsherwood i've updated it to use the 14.40 image, crossing my fingers that works09:47
radiofreei don't understand why we need glibmm, gtk09:47
radiofreenothing in that demo stratum build depends on it09:48
radiofreealso, if we're going to attempt to composite this in wayland gtk2 isn't going to be helpful....09:48
radiofreenavit has a gtk ui, but we're not using that?09:48
paulsherwoodi assume not09:48
radiofreejjardon: how long does gtk2 take to build?09:49
paulsherwoodyou mean on jetson, or x86?09:50
radiofreein general, let's say x8609:50
radiofreethough if you've built it on a jetson that would be nice to know09:50
paulsherwoodi'm building it right now on x86 will let you know09:51
paulsherwoodwhat's our position on reviews if, say someone gives -1 while two others give +1 ?09:51
radiofreei thought -1 was a veto?09:52
paulsherwoodi'm thinking of my elapsed time patch, which would have been really useful in master over the last week, but is held up because richard_1aw doesn't like my style09:52
paulsherwoodok, assuming it's a veto, i disagree with him. how does that resolve itself?09:53
* radiofree doesn't know enough about the structure of the baserock team to comment on that09:53
* paulsherwood neither :)09:54
radiofreei suppose you could have someone else reply directly to the -1 and  have them +1 it or something09:54
paulsherwood2014-10-05 08:44:28 [Build 325/349] [gtk+] Elapsed time 00:05:5309:54
paulsherwoodwe also seem to be building enlightenment here... do you think we need that?09:55
radiofree8 minutes on jetson!09:55
paulsherwoodyou may be measuring a different thing, but great :)09:56
radiofreepaulsherwood: i have no idea, i would have thought *not* but i haven't even attempted to build this demo stuff so may as well put that stuff in09:56
paulsherwoodmy elapsed time is from start of build (so includes creating staging area etc)09:56
paulsherwoodradiofree: ack09:57
paulsherwoodhmmm... i've tried reflashing this jetson repeatedly. keep getting bad CRC ...
paulsherwoodis it the board, or me, or maybe the image is too big?10:00
radiofreeit's failing to load the extlinux.conf file from the emmc10:03
radiofreehow big was the system image you flashed?10:03
radiofreethat should be fine10:03
paulsherwoodthis is trying to use 14.40 image instead of radiofree magic image from before10:04
radiofreeinterrupt u-boot10:05
radiofreecan you do btrls mmc 010:05
paulsherwoodhere's what i did
radiofreei have flashed 5G(+) images before so it's not the size10:06
paulsherwoodTegra124 (Jetson TK1) # btrls mmc 010:07
paulsherwood<DIR>       systems10:07
paulsherwood<DIR>       state10:07
paulsherwoodTegra124 (Jetson TK1) # btrls mmc 0 systems10:11
paulsherwood<SYM>       default10:11
paulsherwood<DIR>       factory10:11
paulsherwoodTegra124 (Jetson TK1) # btrls mmc 0 state  10:11
paulsherwood<DIR>       root10:11
paulsherwood<DIR>       var10:11
paulsherwood<DIR>       home10:11
paulsherwood<DIR>       opt10:11
paulsherwood<DIR>       srv10:11
radiofreepaulsherwood: there's the problem then10:14
radiofreedo btrls mmc 0 / again10:14
radiofreethere's no extlinux.conf in /10:14
radiofreewhat does your deploy morph look like10:15
paulsherwoodah... does your flash script use the cluster morph somehow?10:16
radiofreeput the generate rawdisk image doesn't have one10:16
paulsherwoodok this is a virgin jetson, flashing with 14.4010:16
radiofreeso it was at the deploy stage this error happened10:16
paulsherwoodno deploy here10:16
paulsherwoodjust following
paulsherwoodwhich has been updated to include 14.4010:17
radiofreethe 14.40 release of jetson-devel won't work then10:17
radiofreeit's missing 10:17
radiofree      DTB_PATH: "boot/tegra124-jetson-tk1.dtb"10:17
radiofree      BOOTLOADER_CONFIG_FORMAT: "extlinux"10:17
radiofree      BOOTLOADER_INSTALL: "none"10:17
radiofreesee line 32 onwards10:18
paulsherwoodi guess we should patch that now, maybe frab a new tar?10:18
radiofreefor the devel image it needs to be DTB_PATH: "tegra124-pm375.dtb"10:18
radiofreepaulsherwood: yes +2 to modify that directly in master10:19
radiofreeor should i do it?10:19
paulsherwoodall my baserocks are busy10:19
paulsherwoodplease email a branch, though, so we can do a rushed review10:20
paulsherwoodin other news...10:22
paulsherwood11:15 < Kinnison> ALso, if you're doing the qt hmi, then you need to edit to launch with -platform wayland10:22
paulsherwood11:15 < Kinnison> and then you run the *core* and it launches the hmi10:22
paulsherwoodstraycat: could we get a quick review on radiofree's patch please?10:27
paulsherwood(or pedroalvarez if you're around)10:27
* paulsherwood wonders if he dares do a merge himself :)10:29
paulsherwoodstraycat: if you like it, probably would be safer if you merge :)10:32
straycatCan't see anything I could object to, radiofree, has it been tested?10:34
paulsherwoodwell, we've tested that without it the image can't be flashed ;)10:35
* paulsherwood doesn't know how to do a release test10:35
straycatIt looks fine, but since it's hard for me to know without testing, I'll deploy an image from that cluster and try it out.10:39
paulsherwoodooh, cool if you can do that10:39
* paulsherwood still doesn't *quite* understand this deploy magic10:40
* paulsherwood feels like he's predicted the future10:41
paulsherwoodradiofree: remember ?10:42
paulsherwoodthat's where you're going to crash :)10:42
radiofreepaulsherwood: i guess it needs unistd.h?10:45
paulsherwoodradiofree: ^^10:46
paulsherwoodthere's a patch, apparently10:46
straycatI can't deploy it because deploy assumes I've got an up to date cache.10:47
paulsherwoodcan you specify --artifact-cache-server?10:48
paulsherwoodradiofree: yes, you're right, now i read through10:49
paulsherwoodyou're way ahead of me10:49
* paulsherwood does wonder if we have the 'right' upstream for dbus-c++10:52
paulsherwoodstraycat: it has +210:53
paulsherwoodradiofree: weird... SotK had already patched this?
radiofreeuse that branch though10:55
radiofreei just cherry-picked his patches, he must have forgot to update the ref10:56
straycatOh sorry I forgot that we don't upload the system artifacts to gbo, so no I wouldn't be able to deploy a jetson image from here.11:02
paulsherwooddon't we?11:03
paulsherwoodi thought we did11:04
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez uploaded lots of stuff?11:04
straycatThe only artifacts with -rootfs on gbo have date 'July 18'11:05
straycatI think we avoid uploading them for performance reasons, if morph finds the system artifact it will download it, where it may in fact be quicker to download the few artifacts you're missing and construct the system artifact yourself.11:06
straycatBut in this case it means I need to find myself an arm box.11:07
paulsherwoodstraycat: that's probably more effort than it's worth? it's already +2, if you fancy merging it. pedroalvarez has said he'll try a release when he can11:08
straycatI don't know it wouldn't be too difficult, but if other people are confident it's correct then I guess I can merge it.11:09
paulsherwoodstraycat: it would be great to get proof :)11:12
* straycat nods11:12
* straycat borrows tyrell11:12
radiofreetyrell is old morph remember :\11:16
* straycat nods11:16
straycatI'll change that briefly.11:17
radiofreeboost is done!11:18
paulsherwood2014-10-05 11:14:24 [Build 349/349] [genivi-plusplus-system-x86] Building system genivi-plusplus-system-x8611:19
paulsherwoodradiofree: you're ahead, but you'll need to fix that dbus-c++11:19
paulsherwoods/ahead on jetson/11:19
paulsherwoodas will i. this is a bit like F111:20
paulsherwoodwhere the fixes are pitstops11:20
paulsherwood2014-10-05 11:16:51 Build ends successfully11:21
* radiofree has just fixed dbus, building11:21
paulsherwood2014-10-05 11:22:08 [Build 333/351] [efl] Building chunk efl (jetson)11:22
radiofreedo we have any small hdmi monitors in the office11:23
radiofree9" or something11:23
paulsherwoodradiofree: i'm going shopping11:23
radiofreedo they exist?11:23
paulsherwoodmay buy a projector, and whatever other shiny i find :)11:23
* paulsherwood would like to buy a touchscreen, but they don't seem to exist at retail11:24
radiofreearia sell a 23" but that will be way too big11:24
* paulsherwood fears this image will be too big to deploy as an upgrade11:25
radiofreehmm we have a small usb monitor thing in the office11:26
radiofreei'll give that a go11:26
* paulsherwood really wonders what happened to the original jetson touchscreen11:26
radiofreepaulsherwood: there's things like,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.76802529,d.d2s&tch=1&ech=1&psi=GisxVITxOovSaJeIgMAG.1412508443768.3&ei=IisxVIm-FYrcaKzLgMgG&ved=0CLsBEKYrMAU11:27
radiofree*but* i have no idea if these are going to work with a jetson11:27
radiofreeit has built!11:29
* radiofree goes for lunch then will head into office11:29
jjardonradiofree: gtk2 will take around 5 min in my laptop, don't know about arm12:01
jjardonFYI; if you use my baserock/jjardon/libdrm branch you will save 49 chunks in case you have to rebuild (you will have to remove the llvm dependency from mesa-common as seems it doesn't build on arm)12:03
jjardonradiofree: yeah, llvm is only needed by mesa but its currently in x-common12:04
radiofreejjardon: around 5 minutes on a Jetson!12:11
* jjardon thinking about order a Jetson for Christmas12:15
jjardonpaulsherwood: I'd say he is the maintainer; so or you adapt the patch or you convince him your approach is simpler/better12:16
paulsherwoodwell his theoretical code would theoretically be better. however i've tried his suggestions and can't get them to work. i'm not a python wizard, though12:38
paulsherwoodi assume it's not right that deploy hangs for 20 minutes at this point?
* paulsherwood wonders if his deploy hang could have anything to do with "xfer-hole: Fix bug in copy_slice_from_file."13:15
straycatThat affects the "transfer image" stage, rather than the snapshot stage though13:28
paulsherwoodi thought snapshots are not being used in upgrades at the moment?13:29
*** wikicat [] has joined #baserock13:31
radiofreeit's not all bad news, the bluetooth works out of the box13:53
paulsherwoodcool! :)13:54
radiofreeneed to try smartdevicelink though13:54
wikicatWiki change: Add link to general KVM deployment guide
paulsherwoodstraycat: i need to get to a working baserock-14.40-devel-system-armv7lhf-jetson.tar.gz on gbo somehow. first step is merging radiofree's patch. not sure if you're still intending to test that or can we just merge?14:45
radiofreepaulsherwood: needs merge + revert version of u-boot14:48
radiofreefor some reason in the plusplus image, the old kernel modules get loaded14:48
radiofreeso no drm14:48
paulsherwoodurggh :)14:48
radiofreewill work on that, but i'm going to try some other things first14:48
straycatpaulsherwood, baserock/straycat/fix-jetson-release has what we should need for a working system, I'm just building it now.14:50
radiofreepaulsherwood: you can, however, build them manually on the board for now, if you want14:51
* paulsherwood sees the same rsync hang on jetson14:55
paulsherwoodwhy revert the u-boot?14:57
jjardonwhat is the layer_management.git in genivi-x-generic and genivi-wayland-generic? Seems it didnt get any update since last year. Also genivi-wayland-generic is not used as a dependency in any system. And genivi-x-generic is used in non-genivi system si seems not necessary there15:42
jjardonpaulsherwood: did you have time to try the release_33 branch of llvm? Seems to build fine here in x8616:42
straycatpaulsherwood, the current u-boot doesn't work with the kernel the devel bsp has17:18
radiofreeI found a test app for SDL17:40
radiofreebut it's android, no idea how to compile and test this17:40
radiofreei have a lot of lorry requests17:55
radiofreehmm maybe not17:56
paulsherwoodjjardon: i did not, will do no17:56
radiofreeposition is there sorry17:59
paulsherwoodradiofree: put them in as full urls will be fine for now17:59
paulsherwoodwe can lorry them later17:59
radiofreepaulsherwood: i will need to patch them18:00
paulsherwoodi'll do the lorries18:00
radiofreepaulsherwood: can you ask around for where an android demo app for SDL is as well?18:01
radiofreeloads of boost errors with automotive-message-broker18:02
radiofreewhich is apparently fixed upstream in boost...18:03
paulsherwoodradiofree: ^^18:03
radiofreeyes i found that but have *no* idea how to compile it18:04
paulsherwoodok, regarding navigation-application - that's what we have as navigation.git18:06
paulsherwoodtheir nvigation.git we have as poi-service.git18:07
paulsherwoodi can't remember why18:07
radiofreepoi-service is included in navigation by the looks of it18:08
paulsherwoodso it seems the only missing one is message broker18:10
radiofreeand navigation-application18:10
paulsherwoodno, that's already lorried -
paulsherwoodsame as;a=summary18:15
paulsherwoodcan i get a quick review please?
straycatpaulsherwood, looks syntactically fine to me18:20
* paulsherwood should learn to power jetsons off gently18:21
* paulsherwood has bad crc again18:21
straycatI've not been able to deploy a jetson with the various fixes we have18:22
straycatSo I don't think there's any reason to merge anything at the moment.18:22
radiofreethe reversion of u-boot should have fixed it18:24
jjardonpaulsherwood: Would not be better to put that inside the genivi/ namespace?18:30
paulsherwoodit's not a genivi project18:31
paulsherwoodstraycat: i'm confused - how far did you get with deployment?18:53
paulsherwood(i agree, though... if it's not working)18:53
straycatbuilt, deployed, flashed, kernel panics18:55
paulsherwoodwith the 3.10 kernel?18:56
straycatIf that's what we have in the devel bsp now then yes.18:57
straycatSomeone else could always try the branch I made, I might have made an error somewhere, but I have double checked things.18:58
paulsherwoodit appears to be18:58
paulsherwoodi would love to, as soon as i resuscitate a jetson :)18:58
paulsherwoodstraycat: is the built artifact available somewhere?18:59
straycatI could upload it, if you build from that  branch it should trigger a rebuild of u-boot and linux.19:01
paulsherwoodok no problem19:03
paulsherwoodnvidia's cdn seems to be really throttling that file19:04
straycatpaulsherwood, Are you going to rebuild or shall I upload?19:04
paulsherwoodi'll try to rebuild, after i've re-flashed19:06
paulsherwoodradiofree: could you push your latest stuff somewhere, please?19:19
radiofreepaulsherwood: it's all local, trying to get navit to build correctly19:19
radiofreebut i'll be able to base it off a baserock genivi platform19:19
radiofreethere's things that haven't been pushed for navit 19:20
radiofreeglu/glut etc19:20
paulsherwood'haven't been pushed'?19:24
radiofreeas far as i can tell, to get the opengl backend you need glu and glut19:25
paulsherwoodok, they're lorried, at least19:26
radiofreecan we have19:37
paulsherwoodthey're already there19:39
radiofreeright you are, sorry19:39
paulsherwoodflashing is *way* faster on lenovo than in my mac vm19:40
radiofreeperhaps some issue with the passthrough on mac19:41
* paulsherwood has hit crc error 4 times on flashing a specific jetson... is starting to believe it's busted19:52
radiofreestuck on boost now19:57
radiofreeand lots of other things actually19:59
paulsherwoodstuck? or building?20:02
* paulsherwood is an idiot20:03
paulsherwoodhow do i stop the jetson treating sdcard as something to boot from?20:04
* paulsherwood would like to use SDcard as /src 20:04
radiofreeit shouldn't choose that if its btrfs20:08
paulsherwoodi may not have formatted it properly yet20:08
paulsherwoodso, if it is mmcblk1p1, it's formatted btrfs. 20:10
paulsherwooddo i need to format mmcblk1 too?20:10
radiofreei don't think so20:15
wikicatWiki change: Add link to general Virtual Box deployment guide
paulsherwoodany chance wikicat could show a link to the diff?20:19
* paulsherwood wants the moon, as always20:19
paulsherwoodradiofree: i guess i'll just settle for popping the sd card to let it boot20:23
radiofreeneed a new version of boost20:25
paulsherwood ?20:27
paulsherwoodlooks like the upstream20:29
paulsherwoodi'll create a lorry if no-one objects?20:29
straycatIt would be useful to have a link to the diff.20:43
paulsherwood?i don't understand? the fpaste was a link to the diff20:47
paulsherwoodimagine i have a jetson, with an empty cache, and on the same network a jetson with a full one... is there a magic rsync command i could use to push the whole directory across?20:48
paulsherwoodstraycat: i'm interesed in your patches to the artifact resolver. should they make it faster, or slower, do you know?20:51
straycatpaulsherwood, Sorry I was replying about wikicat :)20:55
straycatpaulsherwood, It's probably easiest to scp the directory across20:56
straycatpaulsherwood, Performance won't be changed at all, it really is just a tidy up. I think richard_1aw has plans to resolve sources rather than artifacts as well.20:58
* straycat disappears21:00
paulsherwoodstraycat: thanks, understood21:10
wikicatWiki change: some build times
radiofreei'm about to push a system that branches from our genivi-baseline21:14
radiofreethis *will not* contain the navigation app, or SDL yet21:14
radiofreei'll work on that on monday night/tuesday21:15
radiofreethere's quite a lot of changes in navigation master (i.e it actually builds....)21:15
radiofreewhich we haven't rebased against in a while...21:15
radiofreei'll leave this building overnight21:17
radiofreehas new boost in glut etc21:17
paulsherwoodif you push it, i'll build it too21:18
radiofreewill also build it on an x86 vm, so i can have sometihng to work on on the plane21:18
paulsherwoodme too :)21:18
* radiofree heads home21:31
radiofreeback in 1021:31
wikicatWiki change: add more jetson times
wikicatWiki change: add more mac times
jjardonpaulsherwood: nice wiki page. I noticed some components are in several different lines though; do they mean different things?21:43
paulsherwoodjjardon: i've done multiple builds. i suppose i could strip them out, just settle for slowest for each component, but it seems that the variations are useful to know21:46
paulsherwoodi have some times from a cloud-based system too21:47
jjardonpaulsherwood: ah, ok. makes sense. Maybe you its good to add that info to avoid confusion?21:50
paulsherwoodwill do21:50
jjardonpaulsherwood: did you have any luck with llvm?21:53
* jjardon wonder why coreutils takes so much time in the Jetson21:55
paulsherwoodjjardon: i'm still investigating llvm, sorry22:00
* paulsherwood is a bit confused22:00
wikicatWiki change: add some explanation
paulsherwoodok, it's building now... will let you know in about...25 minutes' time :)22:03
jjardonpaulsherwood: thanks, FYI I built the release_33 branch in x86 fine (and no need for groff)22:05
radiofreepaulsherwood: sorry, had missing files in the branch22:09
radiofreeadded x86_32 ++ system22:15
paulsherwoodradiofree: do you have an ESTA?22:18
radiofreei got one when i went to san francisco22:23
radiofreepaulsherwood: is there an artifact cache server i can use?22:24
radiofreemorph master on my jetson is stuck on "2014-10-05 22:19:50 Resolving artifacts"22:24
radiofreex86 wants to rebuild the world22:26
paulsherwoodradiofree: resolving takes a long time 22:33
paulsherwoodjjardon: llvm 33 builds fine :-)22:33
radiofreepaulsherwood: is there a artifact-cache-server i can use for x86?22:35
radiofreepaulsherwood: how long, 10 minutes? 20?22:35
paulsherwoodto build llvm?22:37
radiofreeno to "resolve artifacts"22:39
paulsherwoodoh, resolving... actually, i can't be sure... i don't build verbose22:39
radiofreei'm building verbose and it's doing *nothing*22:39
radiofreenothing in the log either22:39
radiofreeit never usually takes that long22:39
radiofreealso [23:36:04] <radiofree> paulsherwood: is there a artifact-cache-server i can use for x86?22:39
paulsherwoodi would drop verbose, it's not helpful. you can get that info from the log anyway.22:39
paulsherwoodyou mean for this work, not 14.40?22:40
radiofreeyeah, the time it did work just then, it wanted to rebuild from core22:41
paulsherwoodi have a machine that has the artifacts on it, maybe you can scp them?22:41
wikicatWiki change: add cloud times
jjardonpaulsherwood: \o/ i will prepare a new patch series. Thanks again for testing!22:50
radiofreeshouldn't *something* be going on in morph.log when it's resolving artifacts?22:53
radiofreemorph is using 100% of the cpu though...22:53
paulsherwoodthis definitely needs an overhaul22:54
radiofreedoes 2014-10-05 22:52:03 WARNING No _validate_cross_refs_for_chunk22:54
radiofreemean anything?22:54
paulsherwoodnot to me22:54
radiofreei think something is going wrong22:58
radiofreewhen it has worked it returns almost immediatly and says it's returning cache keys22:59
paulsherwoodi'm trying to build it on both jetson and cloud now23:00
paulsherwoodearlier today, on cloud... plusplus system...23:01
paulsherwood2014-10-05 08:19:36 Stratum [lua-runtime] version is 093a32d23:01
paulsherwood2014-10-05 08:27:29 [Build 27/349] [cmake] Building chunk cmake23:01
paulsherwood12 minutes resolving i think23:01
paulsherwoodsorry, 823:01
* paulsherwood cant count any longer23:01
radiofreewell i'll just leave it23:02
radiofreeyes, i'll just leave it23:02
paulsherwoodERROR: Are you trying to cross-build? Host architecture is x86_64 but target is x86_3223:03
paulsherwoodjust get some sleep :)23:03
paulsherwoodwhat time are you aiming to be at the airport?23:03
paulsherwood(pls remember to bring two jetsons)23:04
paulsherwoodradiofree: ^^23:04
radiofreepaulsherwood: yep i will, around 8 i think23:08

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