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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: did your uuid patch land in master?08:40
* paulsherwood should just look08:41
paulsherwoodyes, it did.08:41
ssam2re. nouveau commits: doesn't exist08:42
ssam2 does exist08:42
ssam2hmm, but exists08:44
ssam2which is the same commit message08:44
paulsherwoodKinnison: ^^08:44
ssam2suggests that a force-push to master was done08:44
pedroalvarezI tried 1010d02bad5fe22c298069c481e7a4c12222b4ca08:44
KinnisonWant me to resurrect the old commit in a ref, or will you use the new commit (and anchor it in a baserock/ ref) ?08:45
pedroalvarezI don't know what to do08:46
* pedroalvarez is petrified08:46
KinnisonDo you mean you are scared, or you've already made your tags?08:46
pedroalvarezis the old commit going to be present in g.b.o for resurrection?08:46
pedroalvarezKinnison: can you please try to resurrect it? 08:47
Kinnisonit's not there unfortunately08:47
paulsherwoodhold on a sec. are we only talking about nouveau?08:47
KinnisonAnyone have a cache with it in?08:47
ssam2we need the new commit (from github) not the old one, right  ?08:47
ssam2violeta successfully built the new one, pedroalvarez got a failure for the old one (on
pedroalvarezyeah, violeta should has in his system the sha1 that we need08:51
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: violeta is a she :)08:52
violetapedroalvarez, which one do you need? I'm a bit lost with all the sha1 and repos...08:52
pedroalvarezvioleta: don't worry for now08:52
ssam2sorry, I was wrong before. upstream force-pushed a new commit that was broken (1010d02bad5fe22c298069c481e7a4c12222b4ca) and the old one is the one that we need (42b206e0802915afe0c2b5863bab431c8c15837c)08:53
pedroalvarezbut please, don't remove anything in /src/08:53
violetasudo rm everything08:53
Kinnisonssam2: So the new stuff doesn't work?08:53
ssam2indeed, the head of the gk20a branch of fails to build08:53
paulsherwood=> tegra?08:54
pedroalvarezso, they say that it's repo is a clone of
paulsherwoodor is there a #nouveau to ask in?08:54
pedroalvarezis that upstream?08:54
KinnisonIf someone has a git repo with the old commit it, it'll be easy to anchor it into a baserock/ ref08:55
ssam2radiofree has the old commit on his laptop and will be here soon08:55
ssam2it's also here, but I can't work out how to get a raw version from github:
pedroalvarezthis should be upstream08:56
paulsherwoodhow can you be sure? :)08:57
pedroalvarezI'm not, but is linked here:
pedroalvarezis not08:58
radiofreenouveau is upstream, however tegra support isn't there yet09:04
radiofreethe actually driver in the 3.17-rc5 kernel will detect the graphics card, create the right devices etc.. however i couldn't get that to actually display anything09:04
pedroalvarezradiofree: then, nouveau upstream is linux.git?09:08
radiofreenouveau is in the kernel yes, currently it doesn't support the jetson yet09:09
paulsherwoodso all we're talking about are patches/branches vs  linux.git09:10
paulsherwoodand thus we should remove delta/nouveau to avoid confusion?09:10
pedroalvarezthat's also my opinion09:10
paulsherwoodKinnison: ^^09:10
radiofreedrm-nouveau is probably ok09:11
* Kinnison is unsure of what's going on, so can't usefully weigh in yet09:11
Kinnisonlet me grok the situation09:11
pedroalvarezbtw, using the not rebased ref, it worked09:12
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: do you have a genivi-jetson system anywhere i can build?09:12
radiofreepaulsherwood: Kinnison has a "plus" branch that does actually work if you integrate violeta's kernel stuff09:13
radiofreeit's running on a jetson here09:13
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: baserock/pedroalvarez/genivi-jetson09:13
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: i should have known :)09:14
Kinnisonradiofree: has my plusplus system been pushed to gbo?09:14
* Kinnison has been unwell for 2 days so is out of hte loop09:14
radiofreeKinnison: nope09:15
radiofreebut i can comfirm that it would work09:15
paulsherwoodKinnison: i think we waited for you :)09:15
radiofreehowever it only works because i built some modules out of tree, that it needs09:16
radiofreevioleta has done that now though, needs to built into a genivi system09:16
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: Okay09:16
* Kinnison thinks violeta was basing her work on his branch, no?09:16
paulsherwoodin the meantime, sneaked into mainline :)09:16 ?09:16
radiofreeKinnison: mostly, but not from definitions09:16
radiofreekernel + u-boot09:16
Kinnisonradiofree: aah, coolio09:16
Kinnisonradiofree: tbf, those were the main things09:17
Kinnisonradiofree: the strata are easily migrated09:17
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: cute!09:17
radiofreeKinnison: yep, pedro is doing a stock genivi system now, with those changes, once that's done everything *should* work09:17
Kinnisonradiofree: awesomesauce09:17
* paulsherwood is now happily build+self-deploying to local VM, cloud, and jetson. all at once :)09:17
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: nice09:18
pedroalvarezbtw: this is what happens when you don put "repo" in the u-boot chunk:
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: bleh09:18
radiofreewhat should violeta call her branch of u-boot?09:20
radiofreei proposed baserock/jetson/u-boot-next09:20
Kinnisonsounds reasonable09:20
KinnisonGENIVI related standup in ca 500s09:21
violetaI thought I could only call branches baserock/name/something09:22
KinnisonI'm really good at channels today09:22
violetasorry, I'm not feeling very well today, I'm a bit sleepy :-/09:22
paulsherwoodvioleta: baseroj09:22
paulsherwoodbaserock/name/foo for your working stuff. baserock/something/more/official if we'll be using it09:23
paulsherwood(i think)09:23
* Kinnison nods09:24
radiofreevioleta: when on your current branch (that i just +2) just do git checkout -b baserock/jetson/u-boot-next and push that to gbo09:24
Kinnisonthat's correct09:24
violetayes, thanks09:25
violetamy email seems to have stopped working and didn't got your review09:25
violetaradiofree, can you just +2 something? shall I push it now?09:26
paulsherwoodi'm a bit worried if u-boot-next gets locked into a baserock 'release' it will be meaningless once next has moved on09:26
KinnisonSo long as we don't rebase the branch, it'll be fine09:27
paulsherwoodvioleta: yes, radiofree can +2 for u-boot in this context i think :)09:27
radiofreeok how about baserock/jetson/u-boot-tegra-next09:27
radiofreeit's *not* mainline u-boot *yet*09:27
radiofreealso I believe the jetson is the only board that actually builds u-boot?09:28
pedroalvarezradiofree: I think that we also use it in wandboards09:44
pedroalvarezradiofree: is that u-boot fix only needed in the bsp of genivi-baseline or also in a devel system?09:45
pedroalvarezradiofree: if it's to fix btrfs compatibility I guess it can go also in the devel one09:46
radiofreepedroalvarez: wandboard doesn't actually build u-boot09:46
radiofreei think it only builds mkimage09:47
pedroalvarezoh, we have dropped the base systems from the releases09:48
pedroalvarezI didn't know that09:49
violetaradiofree, have we already agreed in the name baserock/jetson/u-boot-tegra-next ?09:50
jjardonFYI, all the needed components to support the GPU in the Jetson seems to be well documented here:
straycatvioleta, radiofree, the patch with the subject HACK! drew my attention, why do you have "if (!strcmp(name[0], '/')) name++" not "if (name[0] == '/') name++" ?09:57
jjardon also says that support is already in the mainline UBoot tree. But I guess something more is needed for baserock09:59
pedroalvarezbtrfs :)10:00
violetastraycat, not sure, really, is there anything better that way apart from readability?10:02
jmacsI don't know how that works - is strcmp using a char as a char pointer?10:04
straycatwell strcmp is for comparing strings and you're using it to compare characters, which might work but I'm not sure that it's valid, the prototype for strcmp is (const char *, const char *) not (char, char).10:04
franredstraycat, name is a const char * and  '/' will be transform as a const char * by the compiler, so the strcmp will work, but Im with you, it is unnecessary to use strcmp in this case10:06
franredbecause you are comparing char characters10:07
rjekNo '/' is a const char10:07
rjek"/" is a const char *10:07
jmacsstrcmp("/",'/') will not give 0, it will probably segfault10:07
jmacsBut it compiles without warning on default gcc10:08
jmacs... actually, you do get a warning if you've included string.h properly10:09
rjekYou don't get a warning about implicit function declaration?10:09
jmacsrjek: With -Wall, you do.10:09
rjekOh.  Silly gcc :)10:10
paulsherwoodfolks, i tried building jjardon's shuffle for llvm etc.... build and test works fine on x86... but on ARM i hit this...
ssam2that's strange, it used to build fine on ARM10:18
ssam2ah, but: [PATCH 2/3] strata/llvm-common.morph: Update llvm to latest version (3.5)10:18
* jjardon can never scape from paulsherwood testing capabilities ;)10:19
ssam2seems jjardon's patch series title of 'Move llvm to its own stratum' didn't everything the patch series actually did :)10:19
ssam2*didn't mention10:19
jjardonSorry :) Thats why I split all the changes in the series: I can not commit that patch if there is not time to fix the problem in ARM now10:23
Kinnisonllvm > 3.4 is having issues on ARM in general10:23
Kinnisoneven Debian is encountering this10:23
Kinnisone.g. in ghc10:23
* paulsherwood reverts and tries again10:24
pedroalvarezvioleta: are you going to push the u-boot branch?10:26
pedroalvarezis it going to include rjek's suggestion?10:26
violetapedroalvarez, I'm afraid I did before the strcmp error was found :-(10:26
violetaso.. how should I proceed?10:27
pedroalvarezwell, if the people agree with the suggestion, you can add that as a patch on the top and push10:27
pedroalvarezor fixup that commit and force-push, since that barnch hasn't been used yert10:27
violetaI thought force-push was something I should never do10:28
pedroalvarezyeah, but in this case we know that the branch has never been used in a release10:29
violetaok, I shall do that then10:29
jjardonvioleta: its ok for personal branches that are not being used for other people10:29
pedroalvarezjjardon: in this case is not a personal branch10:30
pedroalvarezis a branch that is going to be used in the next release10:31
violetaI'm going to leave the { name++; } with brackets if you don't mind10:31
* violeta realises that just under that line there is a single line if with no brackets10:31
violetahmmm, consistency...10:31
rjekThat is perfectly acceptable :)10:31
violetait is acceptable, but I like brackets10:32
violetabrackets everywhere!10:32
violetabut I'll change it because nothing else uses brackets, so you win10:32
violetathis time...10:32
straycatvioleta would love scheme10:32
jjardonpedroalvarez: so yeah, not used by other people yet10:34
SotKcan I get a quick review of these lorries please?
* paulsherwood reverts the 3.5 llvm patch and tries again10:35
* paulsherwood already said that :)10:35
pedroalvarezllvm takes an hour to build10:36
paulsherwoodmaybe longer on jetson :)10:36
pedroalvarezno, around an hour on jetson10:37
pedroalvarezvioleta: thanks!10:37
Kinnisonllvm is, unfortunately, complex C++10:38
KinnisonAlso, compilers tend to take ages to build10:38
Kinnisonrichard_maw: based on your own -1, I'm guessing you're going to rework the distbuild test integration and fixing branches?10:39
ssam2jjardon did a good trick of enabling only the host platform in LLVM, which should make it build faster10:40
ssam2but I guess also prevent cross-CLang from working, if we ever wanted that10:40
richard_mawKinnison: yeah, it's just a shame every time I try to rebase it, it all goes wrong because of the merge commit10:40
ssam2SOtK: +110:41
Kinnisonrichard_maw: :-(10:41
franredSotK, they look ok to me +110:44
paulsherwoodbah. llvm still fails fro me10:55
paulsherwoodgroff not found?10:55
KinnisonI thought groff was part of foundation10:58
SotKthanks for the reviews, pushed10:59
paulsherwoodKinnison: yes it is. unless the gpl strip has removed it before llvm builds? or other weirdness11:02
Kinnisonwe strip at deploy only iirc11:02
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: does the stratum with llvm in, build-dep on foundation?11:03
paulsherwoodKinnison: no. good catch. re-running11:04
pedroalvarezthis should be merged in definitions.git
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: mostly I concur, will the tagged commits also be anchored by us, or are we "skipping" that for now?11:07
pedroalvarezKinnison: we should do that for everything, not just for this 311:07
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: aye, so skip for now, but +1 on the merge11:08
pedroalvarezKinnison: is this change going to trigger rebuilds?11:08
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: +111:08
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: It *may*11:08
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: because the text of the strata have changed11:09
KinnisonI don't know if that'll affect it11:09
Kinnisonit used to11:09
Kinnisonbut I think we fixed that11:09
Kinnisonbut I could be wrong11:09
* Kinnison <- king of prevarication today11:09
pedroalvarez:) 11:09
pedroalvarezanyway, i kind of think that is better to have these changes to do the release11:10
paulsherwoodi think it won't rebuild11:11
* paulsherwood is trying to be upbeat :)11:11
* paulsherwood notices with some joy that bash is not present in baserock genivi baseline ;)11:14
ssam2it is GPLv311:16
paulsherwoodthere... proof. removing GPLv3 makes software more secure :)11:16
* paulsherwood hopes no-one actually thinks i meant that11:19
* pedroalvarez remebmers about GNU patch, which is gplv3 and it's on genivi baseline11:20
pedroalvarezwoot! no rebuilds!11:21
paulsherwoodsee :)11:21
paulsherwoodwhich gnu patch?11:21
paulsherwooddon't we strip it?11:26
pedroalvarezI believe this is the change needed to strip it:
pedroalvareznot tested, though11:27
paulsherwoodtoday probably a good day to test it :)11:29
pedroalvarezthis is a more complete version:
pedroalvarezI will test it before merging 11:29
paulsherwoodyay... llvm built on jetson11:29
* Kinnison thinks this is a good time to lunch11:30
ssam2pedroalvarez: oh yeah, +1 for removing patch in GENIVI although I believe it will break baserock-system-config-sync and thus upgrades11:30
SotKGENIVI baselines don't contain rsync anyway11:30
pedroalvarezssam2: yeah, but you can still upgrade from a devel system to baseline11:30
ssam2right. end-user products built on the GENIVI baseline would no doubt want a different update system to the current one we have in Baserock anyway11:31
pedroalvareztested the GNU patch stripping, I'll merge it11:45
paulsherwoodssam2: at some stage in the project life-cycle, yes for sure. but i really think the cycle approach is useful for development11:48
paulsherwoodi can easily imagine an engineer in the back seat fiddling and cycling the code on a headunit during a testdrive11:49
pedroalvarezI wouldn't want to be in that car11:49
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: you'd be the engineer. maybe they'd stop the vehicle during the reboot :)11:50
pedroalvarezactually , the board in the vehicle could have various systems already deployed11:51
pedroalvarezso  they can test one, reboot, test other, and so on11:52
radiofreelol [12:50:14] <pedroalvarez> I wouldn't want to be in that car12:07
radiofreebut can you not do a ssh-rsync update to a genivi image?12:08
SotKnope, they don't have rsync so it doesn't work :(12:24
paulsherwoodsomething definitely up when morph build takes nearly 4 minutes to decide it doesn't need to build anything12:30
paulsherwood2014-10-03 12:30:38 Build ends successfully12:30
paulsherwoodssam2: ^^ i think you had some theories on this? (jetson, fwiw)12:31
paulsherwoods/nearly 4/just over 3/12:32
paulsherwooddoes part of richard_maw's series fix distbuild?12:35
paulsherwoodif so, can we verify that, approve it and merge?12:36
richard_mawripsum discovered issues, which I'm currently fixing12:36
paulsherwoodin distbuild, or the tests?12:36
richard_mawit's being worked on, but my serialisation fix didn't work when we got too much output12:46
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straycatripsum? he13:04
straycat's probably wrong13:04
paulsherwoodmaybe -1 is too harsh on jjardon's llvm. simple enough to fix up and merge?13:15
paulsherwood(but probably not when a release is happening)13:15
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pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: do youn know how long takes to build mesa, wayland and weston? (on jetson)13:31
paulsherwoodyes, i do. because i stuck elapsed time into my morph.13:33
paulsherwoodwould you like to know? :)13:33
pedroalvarezthat's why asked that to you13:33
pedroalvarezyou can skip mesa,13:34
paulsherwoodthey seem very short - approx 1 minute13:36
paulsherwoodmaybe they were cached?13:36
paulsherwoodmy original timings didn't include them because i was only building devel13:37
paulsherwoodweston2014-10-03 09:03:40 INFO [Build 147/179] [wayland] Elapsed time 00:01:1213:38
paulsherwood2014-10-03 12:16:43 INFO [Build 175/179] [weston] Elapsed time 00:01:5413:38
paulsherwood2014-10-03 11:44:38 INFO [Build 153/179] [mesa] Elapsed time 00:15:2913:39
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: sorry, i was trying to be funny...13:40
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: other things are much slower. gcc for example is the killer13:42
pedroalvarezmeh.. I wanted an estimation about how long takes rebuilindg from mesa13:58
pedroalvarezis almost finishing, building weston13:58
richard_mawtracked down the serialisation crashes, but building was failing when installing stuff into the staging area, beacuse I forgot to serialise artifacts' dependents14:06
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: ah, you mean total elapsed time?14:11
pedroalvarezno, just some morphologies that rebild if you change something in mesa14:12
pedroalvarezlike, wayland and weston14:12
pedroalvarezbtw, I still have no idea about what to do with the nouveau repo14:13
pedroalvarezKinnison: ^^ (<Kinnison> let me grok the situation)14:23
* Kinnison failed to grok usefully before, I'll go bug pedro IRL14:23
Kinnisonpedro is now bugging radiofree14:43
ssam2paulsherwood: about 2 minutes is spent collecting uncommitted changes, so Morph can decide if it needs to build anything. there's been discussion about making this optional15:16
ssam2i did say I'd make a patch for it, even. I shall try and do so today15:17
jjardonhey paulsherwood , thanks for your review!15:46
jjardonmaybe its better to try to build the release_34 in ARM instead? the whole point to move llvm is to rebuild it as less as possible, so make it depend on core instead foundation15:47
paulsherwoodjjardon: i'm ok to try whichever approach you recommend15:49
jjardonpaulsherwood: also, seems the groff dependency didnt change from what we currently build and 3.5, did you have the log of the failure?15:51
jjardon(should be an optional dependency)15:52
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* jjardon building llvm 3.4 in x8615:58
jjardonmmm, so seems its trying to build the docs16:02
jjardon--enable-docs=no in the llvm morphology should fix the problem16:03
ssam2anyone fancy reviewing the draft Baserock 14.40 release notes?
paulsherwoodssam2: s/is now build/is now built/16:21
paulsherwoodno mention of scripts/ !? :)16:22
ssam2I know, I know16:23
paulsherwoods'ok. i know it's not real code16:24
jjardonFYI llvm 3.4 seems to build fine in x8616:27
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paulsherwoodjjardon: push a branch and i'll try it on jetson?16:28
jjardonpaulsherwood: you have it in baserock/jjardon/llvm_34 thanks!16:31
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jjardonIm thinking about moving git away from core: Is tools a good place for it?17:16
KinnisonToo many things depend on it when building from git17:16
ssam2jjardon: sadly a bunch of stuff needs Git at build time. Mostly for generating version numbers. We can fix that, but it's not a small job.17:17
jjardononly bison in core, so maybe its worth moving to foundation. I will check and report back if many things are broken17:18
paulsherwoodcan we put in definitions/scripts please?17:20
paulsherwoodsomeone must have a copy? :)17:21
radiofreeit's pretty horrendous, i don't think richard_maw would be too happy17:21
paulsherwoodyou only need two +1s :)17:22
paulsherwoodand i see them already :)17:22
KinnisonI can give you a -1 if you like17:22
* Kinnison dislikes the script james provided because it has syntax errors in17:22
Kinnisonalso with a teeny udev tweak you don' thave to be root17:23
paulsherwoodKinnison: could you offer a lovelier version, perhaps?17:23
KinnisonSUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0955", ATTRS{idProduct}=="7140", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0666"17:23
Kinnisonthat's my udev rule17:23
Kinnisonthen I just commented out the rootliness check17:23
jjardonWould it be possible to have only definitions in definitions and the scripts in another repo?17:25
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ssam2yes, but we already have too many repos17:30
paulsherwoodscripts should be in morph, i guess17:30
ssam2morph has its own scripts. The ones in definitions are mostly baserock-related rather than morph-related17:30
ssam2not that it matter much, really17:30
jjardonIm willing to do a patch if you tell me where to move them ;)17:31
paulsherwoodnot so fast, not today please :)17:32
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paulsherwooddo you need +1s to metrge 14.40, pedroalvarez ?17:36
* straycat smiles at "The intepreter 'cpython' is now built with Readline and ncurses."17:36
pedroalvarezis not needed to merge17:36
pedroalvarezif it can be merged as is into master, then that would be great17:36
pedroalvarezbut maybe there are errors17:37
straycatDo you think we should mention changes to the commands.17:39
straycatthat . should be a ?17:40
straycate.g. morph build system is morph build systems/system.morph etc17:40
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: it merges cleanly afaict?17:41
straycatssam2, What do you think?17:42
paulsherwoodi thought ssam2 already had a patch for that17:43
paulsherwoodif you mean on the wiki in general17:43
* straycat doesn't really know17:44
* paulsherwood will be happy to do some wiki updates this weekend. got to do some genivi wiki stuff anyway17:45
ssam2I agree that mentioning in the release notes that 'morph build' and 'morph deploy' expect paths relative to the top-level of the definitions.git repo now is useful17:46
ssam2I will update them17:46
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: you announce in #genivi, but not here? :)17:51
paulsherwoodalso, surely you have to merge into master? :)17:51
ssam2 updated to note the changes to `morph build` and `morph deploy`17:52
pedroalvarezthat was the genivi baseline announcement17:52
straycatOh, I didn't realise we'd made that extension mandatory.17:54
* ssam2 figures out context17:54
ssam2the .morph extension ?17:54
* straycat nods17:54
ssam2yes, I don't think it's a good idea, but others seem to17:54
straycatit's a bit windowsy17:55
pedroalvarezhere it comes17:55
* paulsherwood hates it. 17:55
pedroalvarezBaserock 14.40 has been released!17:55
paulsherwoodand the need to specify relative paths17:55
pedroalvarezthis time with a devel system for jetsons17:55
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: w00t!/17:55
fay_yay :)17:55
straycatpaulsherwood, really? having stuff as relative paths seems way simpler to me17:55
paulsherwoodit's not even 7 o'clock yet17:55
pedroalvarezartifacts won't be uploaded to today17:56
pedroalvarezsorry about that17:56
pedroalvarezbut they may be appear over the weekend17:56
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: we should do next release from the cloud, so the artifacts are already there :)17:57
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: whatabout merging into master?17:57
pedroalvarezx86 has been done from the cloud, but i don;t have brain left17:57
paulsherwoodcan someone else do the merge?17:58
paulsherwoodneed to add 14.40 to releases page too... shall i do that?18:00
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: please!18:00
radiofreenow i get ERROR: Field system-integration not allowed in morphology strata/virtualbox-guest-x86_64/vboxguest.morph18:00
pedroalvarezI think I'm done here. 18:00
* pedroalvarez heads off18:00
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: well done ;)18:01
paulsherwoodradiofree: remove that whole morph for now, unless that's what you want to build?18:01
radiofreepaulsherwood: no18:03
radiofreeok it got past that nw18:03
* paulsherwood will make a demo video of 14.40 this weekend18:03
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wikicat[35m change to devel-with on Baserock [37m20:17
radiofreeI'm guessing by the name.. And the host... That this is the work of a straycat21:00
straycatWhen you put it like that I'm not inclined to admit to anything. :)21:11
pedroalvarezhahah! well done straycat!21:50
pedroalvarezI was expecting the link to go somewhere, though21:51
pedroalvarezthis is trying morph list-artifacts
pedroalvarezI was going to try to upload them22:01
paulsherwoodafter a bottle of wine, i can say, most morph commands must die :)22:01
pedroalvarezI only had a glass, and I still think this one is useful22:01
* pedroalvarez should drink more22:01
paulsherwoodwhat does it do?22:02
* paulsherwood considers making a change. just to kick the wikicat22:02
pedroalvarezIt shows you a list of artifacts that were or would be produced after building a given system22:03
pedroalvarezso you can identify the artifacts produced by building some image, in some repo, in some sha1/branch/tag22:03
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: so i believe you're going to dusseldorf. baserock in the cloud will be all perfect by then :)22:03
pedroalvarezthere is work to do22:04
paulsherwoodah, so it calculates the cache values for a given morph + set of definitions?22:05
pedroalvarezperfect command for releases22:06
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wikicat[35m change to index on Baserock [37m22:15
pedroalvarezit worked! :)22:17
* pedroalvarez considers the friday done22:17
pedroalvarezsee you all22:18
wikicat[35m change to guides/simple-tests on Baserock [37m22:30

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