IRC logs for #trustable for Friday, 2020-05-22

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lano_STPA standup in 1509:35
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lano_o/ Standup09:51
lano_order is lano, lchlan_09:52
lano_## Milan (lano)09:52
lano_* Done09:52
lano_  - Review Lachlan's updated Mustard branch09:52
lano_    - Didn't find any bugs, pushed a commit
lano_* Doing09:52
lano_  - Look into TellTale09:52
lano_  - React to requirements doc comments09:53
lano_## Lachlan (lchlan_)09:53
lchlan_* Done09:53
lchlan_   * Mustard - Continue double checking patches.09:53
lchlan_   & Mustard - Started working on gaps09:53
lchlan_* Doing09:53
lchlan_   * Mustard - Continue to fix found gaps09:53
lchlan_* Issues09:53
lchlan_   * I will probably put in a Mustard pylint ci job given09:53
lchlan_     the gaps I have found.09:53
lchlan_   * It is unclear how some of the Mustard scripts09:53
lchlan_     should be invoked.09:53
lchlan_   * DOORS data still outstanding.09:53
lchlan_# Discussion09:53
lano_shall I look at the gaps? maybe i can learn from them09:54
lano_or I can just look after you're done09:54
lchlan_Yep, they need reviewing as well - I've not pushed the latest one though09:54
lchlan_I don't know how I over looked these, hence the ci job09:55
lano_sounds good will do09:55
lano_if no more points09:55
lano_standup ends in 509:55
lano_standup over, thanks :)09:55
lchlan_Thanks lano09:55
lchlan_Hmm, I've seen your latest patch and I'm concerned that I have already addressed this but the changes have been lost09:57
lano_By the lint corrector?09:59
lchlan_No, I think something has gone amiss during some rebase operation10:02
lchlan_I have a definite sense of deja vu about the changes that pylint is suggesting10:04
lano_do you think you've lost a lot of changes?10:06
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