IRC logs for #trustable for Wednesday, 2020-05-20

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lanoSTPA standup in 1909:31
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lanoStandup ahoy, who's here?09:50
lanoorder is lano, lchlan_09:50
lano## Milan (lano)09:50
lano* Done09:50
lano  - Tuesday ELISA talks09:50
lano* Doing09:50
lano  - Reviewing OpenAPS STPA09:50
lano  - Wednesday ELISA talks09:50
lano## Lachlan (lchlan_)09:50
lchlan_* Done09:50
lchlan_   * Mustard - Looked again at sort deprication change (WIP removed)09:50
lchlan_   * Mustard - Update copyright notices in files09:50
lchlan_   * Mustard - Update shebangs09:50
lchlan_* Doing09:50
lchlan_   * Mustard - Continue to look through patches09:50
lchlan_* Issues09:51
lchlan_   * DOORS data still outstanding.09:51
lchlan_   * Managed to miss yesterdays Elisa talk09:51
lchlan_# Discussion09:51
lanoany points?09:51
lanostandup to end in 509:51
lanostandup over, thanks09:51
lchlan_Thanks lano09:51
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