IRC logs for #trustable for Tuesday, 2020-04-07

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lanoHi, standup in 25 mins!09:26
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lanoStandup time :)09:50
lanoorder is lano, lchlan_09:50
lano## Milan Lakhani (lano)09:51
lano* Done09:51
lano  - Finish adding Controller Constraints page09:51
lano  - Make the code a bit more pretty09:51
lano* Doing09:51
lano  - Improve look of app with menu bar etc09:51
lano  - Make all the pages fully editable09:51
lano## Lachlan (lchlan_)09:51
lchlan_ * Done / For Review09:51
lchlan_    * Looked at "predicition" module in Apollo - seemingly type is important09:51
lchlan_ * Doing09:51
lchlan_    * Work out differences in speed handling ("speed sensibility")09:51
lchlan_# Discussion09:51
lanosounds interesting lchlan_, how do I review the Done part?09:52
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lanosorry if you said something I didn't get it, internet hiccup?09:53
lchlan_At the minute this is a review so apart from looking at the code itself there is nothing really o check09:53
lchlan_* to09:53
lanoah ok09:53
lanoif no points09:54
lanostandup ends in 509:54
lanostandup ends09:54
lchlan_Thanks lano09:54
lchlan_lano: If you do want to have a look - I'm currently reviewing Obstacle::SetMotionStatus (apollo/modules/prediction/container/obstacles/
lchlan_It comes back to how motorcycles are treated and their tying up with bicycles09:57
lchlan_I want to look through and see how this association effects the handling of the object type09:57
lchlan_At one point it simply relates to the threshold at which the object is considered stationary, but I've found out that there is more.09:58
lanostandup notes:
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