IRC logs for #trustable for Monday, 2020-04-06

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lano_morning, standup in 20!09:31
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lanostandup, who's here?09:51
lanoorder is lano -> lchlan_09:51
lano## Milan Lakhani (lano)09:52
lano* Done09:52
lano  - Attend John Thomas's talk introducing STPA09:52
lano    - He used the example of a nuclear reactor, starting by mentioning a case where the nuclear reactor turned off a system while still in mid air  (due to incorrect information) even though all the components worked when tested individually. It was for beginners so I the STPA already but using a good example seemed to help quite a bit09:52
lano* Doing09:52
lano  - Finish adding Controller Constraints page09:52
lano## Lachlan (lchlan_)09:52
lchlan_ * Done / For Review09:52
lchlan_    * Further look at Apollo regarding recognition of types09:52
lchlan_ * Doing09:52
lchlan_    * Further Apollo code diving09:52
lchlan_# Discussion09:52
lanoany points?09:53
lanostandup ends in 509:53
lanofinito benito09:53
lchlan_Thanks lano09:53
lchlan_lano: Do you know if the talk was recorded and will it be hosted somewhere?09:56
lanohe said it probably wouldn't be hosted09:56
lanobut wasn't completely sure09:56
lchlan_I will keep an eye out and see if anything gets posted09:57
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lanolchlan_: he did say it was a less prepared practice talk and he'd be doing another one soon so it's not too bad if he doesn't put it up (though it's still good to watch)11:30
lchlan_Thanks, I have something on Vimeo which I will have a look at later11:32
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