IRC logs for #trustable for Wednesday, 2020-03-25

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lanostandup in 7 mins10:43
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lanoStandup who's here?10:51
lanoorder is lano, lchlan_, shaunmooney10:52
lano## Milan Lakhani (lano)10:52
lano* Done10:52
lano  - Make scenarios page which renders properly, just with dropdown list bug10:52
lano  - Present pages better10:52
lano* Doing10:52
lano  - Review Lachlan's Apollo work10:52
lano## Lachlan (lchlan)10:53
lchlan_ * Done / For Review10:53
lchlan_    * Did some freeplay with the app.10:53
lchlan_    * Discussions about data structure and referencing.10:53
lchlan_ * Doing10:53
lchlan_    * Will look at suggesting some changes to app and referencing.10:53
lchlan_ * Next10:53
lchlan_    * Probably an email to start discussion.10:53
lchlan_## Shaun Mooney10:53
shaunmooney* Done10:53
shaunmooney  - App planning with lano10:53
shaunmooney* Doing10:53
shaunmooney  - Review MRs10:53
shaunmooney  - Pick up support work where necessary to help lano10:53
shaunmooney  - Look into style templates for the app10:53
shaunmooney* Next10:53
shaunmooney  - Level 3 UCAs10:53
shaunmooney# Discussion10:53
lanosorry for the delay there10:53
lanoany points?10:53
lanoyep lchlan_?10:53
lchlan_Would an email regarding suggestions about the app be appropriate - or would tracking via issues in gitlab be better?10:54
shaunmooneygitlab issues would be best10:54
lanostandup is ending in 510:55
lchlan_Thanks lano10:55
lanostandup complete, have a nice day10:55
shaunmooneyThanks lano10:55
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lchlan_Hi, is the link to the meeting the same as previous?14:47
lanoHi lchlan_ I couldn't find the old link but does this one work?
lchlan_Let me have a look14:58
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