IRC logs for #trustable for Tuesday, 2020-03-24

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lanoSTPA Standup commencing in 15 minutes10:36
lano* 14 mins10:36
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lanostandup! who's here today?10:51
lanoping shaunmooney10:52
shaunmooneypong lano10:52
lanohokey dokey the order is lano -> lchlan_ for now10:52
lano## Milan Lakhani (lano)10:53
lano* Done10:53
lano  - Scenarios page is minutes away10:53
lano* Doing10:53
lano  - Make MR for scenarios page10:53
lano  - Review Lachlan's Apollo work10:53
lano  - Present pages betterwh10:53
lano## Lachlan (lchlan)10:53
lchlan_ * Done / For Review10:53
lchlan_    * Complete dry reading of app patches.10:53
lchlan_    * Discussions regarding patches.10:53
lchlan_    * Some further research into javascript.10:53
lchlan_ * Doing10:53
lchlan_    * Test running web app10:53
lchlan_ * Next10:53
lchlan_    * Further feedback10:53
lchlan_# Discussion10:53
lanoyeh shaunmooney?10:54
shaunmooneySorry I missed the start, can I post my notes now please?10:54
lanoyeah ofc10:54
lanoi thought we were just playing ping pong10:54
shaunmooney## Shaun Mooney (shaunmooney)10:54
shaunmooney* Done10:54
shaunmooney  - App planning with lano10:54
shaunmooney* Doing10:54
shaunmooney  - Review MRs10:54
shaunmooney  - Pick up support work where necessary to help lano10:54
shaunmooney  - Look into style templates for the app10:54
shaunmooney* Next10:54
shaunmooney  - Level 3 UCAs10:54
lanoany points?10:55
lanoif no points10:55
lanostandup ends in 510:55
lchlan_Thanks lano10:55
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lanothanks all10:56
lanoscenarios page is actually close10:56
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