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toscalixopenSUSE has open sourced their legal review application:
toscalixfor compliance10:28
toscalixmore than the tool itself, it is the workflow/process what is interesting10:29
toscalixif you look in detail, by embedding the legal review in the delivery workflow and creating a data based that can be consulted automatically on every change, only two lawyers can take care of a distro with 11k software packages10:31
toscalixyou cannot do that with fossology10:32
toscalixyou need to incorporate license scanning in the CI, just like tests10:34
toscalixlike Cavil does, like quartermaster does10:34
toscalixfossology should be only used as validation before releasing, against the same DDBB10:34
ikerperezI will have a look to that12:25
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paulsherwoodtoscalix: very interesting, thank you15:19
paulsherwoodtoscalix: do you fancy writing to the list to introduce the topic there?15:20
toscalixpaulsherwood: I will15:21
toscalixwe have the call with MIrko Boehm, the quartermaster project lead in 30 mi aprox15:22
paulsherwoodis that a public call?15:34
toscalixpaulw: I leave up to you how to go from here16:49
toscalixput me in CC in the initial communication so I can follow up16:50
toscalixthanks for joining16:50
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