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ikerperezI am back to fossology still thinking how to run the docker container in the CI, after ctgriffiths's recommendation of using socket binding for that instead of running docker-in-docker, jjardon recommended me to have a look to this:
ikerperezIn there there is a step for socket binding and explains how I need to configure the gitlab runner and other steps before work in the actual CI. Can I do that myself or do I any privileges?10:37
ikerperezAs well there is this step
ikerperezI would like to know if that would be more suitable or if it is how docket is implemented in the CI at first place10:38
ikerperezI mean like the base fedora Image is running now10:38
ctgriffithsikerperez: flatmush can give you access to the runner if you don't have it already. I'd stick with docker rather than the shell executor as I don't think it will be a quick change.  You'll have to manage the user priviledges, like docker access, on the host and all the tools become host dependencies rather than being installed before each build11:04
ctgriffithsalso you may have to manually clear the buildstream cache before each build when using the shell executor as I think it will persist, though I'm not 100% sure on that11:05
ikerperezok, I stick to the docker socket method then. thanks ctgriffiths11:06
ikerperezI will need to install the gitlab runner so I guess that I will need access to the server11:39
ikerperezand to register GitLab Runner from the command line to use docker and share /var/run/docker.sock11:41
ctgriffithsthe server already has gitlab runner, gitlab runner currently creates the fedora docker container that then runs the build and test11:41
ctgriffithsso you need to change the exisitng configuration11:41
ikerperezok, so how can I connect to the server?12:22
ikerperezflatmush ^^12:53
flatmushikerperez: I'm not sure what you want to do with the server12:58
ikerperezflatmush this steps
ikerpereznot that12:59
flatmushyou want to re-register the runner?13:01
flatmushok, I'll give you a login on it, one sec13:02
flatmushI have to wait for operations to give me shell or vpn access, since I'm wfh13:06
flatmushapparently we don't have that by default13:06
* flatmush gives ikerperez access to the server15:05
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