IRC logs for #trustable for Friday, 2018-09-14

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paulsherwoodlocallycompact: nice work on the CI! (and Shaun too for the original content)09:42
locallycompactpaulsherwood: yw09:43
paulsherwoodnext up, adding gitect :)09:45
paulsherwoodwillbarnard: ^^ ?09:45
flatmushSTANDUP! Order: flatmush, ikerperez09:56
flatmush## Ben Brewer (flatmush)09:56
flatmush* Done09:56
flatmush  - Help iker get latency-measure running in qemu09:56
flatmush  - Talk with jjardon about freedesktop-sdk09:56
flatmush* Doing09:56
flatmush  - Start working through freedesktop-sdk to figure out how we can use it09:56
flatmush## Iker Perez (ikerperez)09:57
ikerperez* Done09:58
ikerperez   - Make work latency-measure in the CI09:58
ikerperez* Doing09:58
ikerperez    - Understand Flatpak SDK09:58
ikerperez    - Analyse the way the minimal distro uses buildstream09:58
ikerperez    - Add gitect to the repo (Issue #2)09:58
ikerperez# Discussion09:58
flatmushSTANDUP ENDS!10:07
paulsherwoodikerperez: if once you've added gitect to the distro repo, maybe you could also do av-stpa?10:07
paulsherwoodflatmush: where are we putting the standups history please?10:08
ikerperezYes, I can do that.10:10
flatmushpaulwaters_ was putting them on the wiki10:10
paulwaters_I'll add the missing ones shortly10:15
paulwaters_logs for all standups are here ->
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