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flatmushSTANDUP! Order: flatmush, Shaun, iker?09:54
flatmush## Ben Brewer (flatmush)09:54
flatmush* Done09:54
flatmush  - Got CI working on the CI runner09:54
flatmush  - Requested space for cache server09:54
flatmush  - Synch meeting09:54
flatmush  - Bits of reading09:54
flatmush* Doing09:54
flatmush  - Get cache server working so that CI builds don't take 2+ hours09:54
flatmush  - Start to implement tests in CI09:54
flatmush  - More reading09:54
flatmush## Shaun Mooney (Shaun)09:54
Shaun* Done09:55
Shaun  - Project startup and catchup09:55
Shaun* Doing09:55
Shaun  - Watching "Engineering a Safer World Video"09:55
Shaun* Next09:55
Shaun  - Read "The Safety Critical Systems Handbook"09:55
Shaun* Issues09:55
Shaun  - None09:55
Shaun## Iker Perez ( iker )09:55
* Shaun notes iker isn't on the standup event so might not have known about it09:56
flatmushyeah, we kinda jumped it on him hence the question mark09:58
flatmush## Discussion09:58
flatmushSTANDUP ENDS!09:58
paulsherwoodflatmush: i think you can skip the SCS Handbook...10:01
paulsherwoodthe Leveson approach seems to make most of the prior art superfluous10:02
paulwaters_Shaun, ^^10:02
paulsherwood"STPA finds all of the hazards from previous methods, plus others that previous methods fail to identify"10:03
ShaunI'll get cracking with the video then10:03
paulsherwood"STPA is much cheaper than the previous methods"10:03
paulsherwoodgame over afaict10:03
paulsherwoodso what we actually need is a functional control model, and a hazard analysis based on that10:04
paulsherwoodin the absence of a real one, we can start by postulating one ourselves, for (say) autonomous driving10:05
paulsherwoodi keep using that example because I expect that Niall and other participants in the discussion will be able and interested to review10:05
ShaunSeems like there's plenty of material on STPA available10:08
ShaunLiterally first link on google is a "tutorial description of this analysis technique"10:08
paulsherwoodyup... that's a further incentive - the work is open10:09
ShaunIt's enough to keep me busy for a while anyway!10:10
ikersorry, I didn't know about the standup. I haven't started working on this yet anyway10:30
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