IRC logs for #trustable for Monday, 2018-09-03

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flatmush[10:45:30] <flatmush> STANDUP! Order: flatmush, Shaun10:07
flatmush[10:45:30] <flatmush> * Done10:07
flatmush[10:45:30] <flatmush>   - Setup CI runner for minimal-distro10:07
flatmush[10:45:30] <flatmush>   - Talk with jjardon about caching and issues with CI runner10:07
flatmush[10:45:30] <flatmush> * Doing10:07
flatmush[10:45:30] <flatmush>   - Get CI working properly10:07
flatmush[10:45:30] <flatmush>   - Setup cache server10:07
flatmush[10:45:30] <flatmush>   - Synch meeting10:07
flatmush[10:45:30] <flatmush> ## Shaun Mooney (Shaun)10:07
flatmush[10:45:57] <Shaun> * Done10:07
flatmush[10:45:57] <Shaun>   - Project startup10:07
flatmush[10:45:57] <Shaun>     - Read about trustable and intents10:07
flatmush[10:45:57] <Shaun> * Doing10:07
flatmush[10:45:57] <Shaun>   - Further project reading and catchup10:07
flatmush[10:46:02] <Shaun> # Discussion10:07
flatmush[10:46:10] <paulwaters_> o/10:07
flatmush[10:46:33] <paulwaters_> should this be on the external channel?10:07
flatmush[10:46:42] <flatmush> yes, it should have been10:07
flatmush[10:46:45] <paulwaters_> :)10:07
flatmush[10:46:46] <paulwaters_> np10:07
flatmush[10:46:54] <paulwaters_> we can do that from tomorrow10:07
flatmush[10:47:02] <paulwaters_> _o_10:07
flatmush[10:47:03] <Shaun> _o_10:08
flatmush[10:47:08] <flatmush> STANDUP ENDS!10:08
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