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flatmushSTANDUP! Order: flatmush, noisecell, willbarnard09:46
flatmush## Ben Brewer (flatmush)09:46
flatmush* Done09:46
flatmush  - Further discussions about project09:46
flatmush  - More reading on buildstream09:46
flatmush  - Built minimal x86 system using definitions and bst, ran in qemu09:46
flatmush* Doing09:46
flatmush  - Working through what fran has been doing on Aarch6409:46
flatmush  - Reading up on previous attempts to SIL certify "normal" OS's09:46
flatmush    -
flatmush    -
flatmush## Francisco Redondo Marchena (noisecell)09:46
noisecell* Done09:46
noisecell  - Investigate aarch64 bootstrap using buildstream09:46
noisecell    - base.bst in stage3 is the x86_64 rootfs which doesn't belong to09:46
noisecell      a aarch64 build, though.09:46
noisecell    - Removing base.bst when building stage3 makes the build move forward09:46
noisecell      but still failing09:47
noisecell* Doing09:47
noisecell  - Investigate aarch64 bootstrap using buildstream09:47
noisecell    - Building stage3 inside of the croosboostrap stage209:47
noisecell      - Fix issues with the build and check what is the output09:47
noisecell## Will Barnard (willbarnard)09:47
noisecellflatmush, should we carry on? Will could paste his notes in the wiki09:49
flatmushwe will await will, and berate him for his lack of respect for process09:50
noisecell## Discusion09:53
paulwaters_I've pinged willbarnard, he can ad notes later09:56
willbarnard* Doing09:56
willbarnard  * Initiating discussions with accredited certification organizations09:56
willbarnard* Next09:56
willbarnard  * Attend functional safety seminar on Friday09:56
paulwaters_ta willbarnard - back to ## Discussion - anything to discuss?09:59
flatmush## Discussion10:03
flatmushplease can everyone stop messing up my beautiful standup!10:03
flatmushanything else to raise?10:03
noisecellnothing from me10:03
paulwaters_nothing from me10:03
flatmushSTANDUP ENDS!10:03
noisecellta flatmush10:03
paulwaters_ta flatmush10:03
noisecellpaulwaters_, have you set up a bot to repeat exactly what I say just a milisecond after I write it in the channel?10:04
paulwaters_I almost did a cut and paste of that then10:05
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flatmush"Although this should be clear, we will explicitly state here that proven-in-use for Linux,only based on ”operational evidence” will not suffice to argue SIL1 or higher.  The proven-in-use argument based only on operational hours and 10 use-cases (61508-2) are,in our opinion, quite clearly aimed at low-complexity hardware and not at a highly configurable and variable software as versatile as the Linux kernel."13:17
flatmushI guess that's something to look into in the standards willbarnard?13:18
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paulsherwoodflatmush: while that and other OSADL papers are interesting, I'm not sure we can rely on any of their assertions13:29
paulsherwoodin any case we need to get to our own defensible arguments, logic, tests and evidence13:30
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flatmushno, but I guess we should check their assertions13:44
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paulsherwoodyes, i expect we'll learn something from that :)14:04
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