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paulsherwoodlaurenceurhegyi: are you around?12:16
paulsherwoodI'm wondering if the safe-secure list is not public by accident, or on purpose?12:16
jmacsI believe that's on purpose, paulsherwood12:17
laurenceurhegyihi paulsherwood12:17
paulsherwoodjmacs: ok, if it's on purpose, I'll email the list requesting that we change it12:19
laurenceurhegyiaccess to the gitlab project had to be password protected, as TS 17961 is not open source12:19
paulsherwoodi'm asking about the list, not the gitlab project12:19
laurenceurhegyiAnd I think Robert wants to keep the study group to experts. 12:20
laurenceurhegyiYes, but the two are linked, since the intention is to combine MISRA and CERT12:20
jmacsI can't find the email, but yes, it was Robert Seacord's request that we make the list private, IIRC.12:23
paulsherwoodI'm hoping to persuade Robert to reconsider12:27
paulsherwoodit can still be moderated to limit the membership12:28
laurenceurhegyiYes, sounds good. I have just received a 'Uncaught bounce notification' after you've sent your email, paulsherwood 12:33
laurenceurhegyilooking into it now12:33
paulsherwoodmy bad :)12:37
laurenceurhegyiah, ok!12:40
paulsherwoodlaurenceurhegyi: hopefully we can get a reasonable number of +1s in advance of the meeting, then have a short item about this as AOB for the meeting itself?12:45
laurenceurhegyisure, I'm adding it to the agenda now12:47
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paulsherwoodlaurenceurhegyi: looking good on the +1s now, and robert has no objections :)14:50
laurenceurhegyiYeah, do you know I think it's just because they were the default settings of a new list. I haven't anything from Robert to say he wanted it private previously either. I'm actually just going to go ahead and change it now - should be a quick discussion tomorrow 14:52
laurenceurhegyiseen anything*14:52
paulsherwooddon't change until it's been approved at the meeting14:54
paulsherwoodlaurenceurhegyi: ^^14:55
paulsherwood(ie don't change the list status in advance of the discussion tmrw please014:55
* paulsherwood laughs out loud at '+1 as well (though I think it should be the accumulated result, currently +7 to save you having to scroll through all posts)'15:27
jmacsWell, I think that's shown that private lists are just as prone to bikeshedding as public ones15:51
paulsherwoodit's not bikeshedding... it's humour :)15:51
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laurenceurhegyiOn the topic of the whole +1 voting etiquette...does anyone know what Robert means when he says '+0, ±1' ???17:50
jmacsI'm pretty sure that's a joke17:51
laurenceurhegyiAh. I'd like to say 'I thought it might be' but I'm afraid it went over my head!17:52
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persiaI read "+0, ±1" as "I do not wish to express an opinion".  Context would indicate whether this was recusion or abstention.18:24
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