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* paulsherwood intends to write again about the difference between trustable and trustworthy09:39
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laurenceurhegyipaulsherwood: I'd welcome this. The difference, as I see it, is summed up by: we can create software which is trustable. It's only trustworthy when others deem it to be so.12:03
laurenceurhegyiThis may be a simplification12:04
laurenceurhegyiAlso, on another topic - I didn't realise there was that level of contention around the value of reproducible builds. I'd taken them as 'read' up until now.12:05
jmacsI don't see any contention in that article12:09
laurenceurhegyiPerhaps that wasn't the most accurate word. I was referring to Red Hat's lack of interest.12:15
jmacsIt's a bizarre position, especially since they link to a blog to apparently back up their position, which says " this work being done is really cool and super important, but not exactly for the reasons people assume"12:17
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persiaFor an organisation that wraps commercial arrangements around provision of binary objects, the mechanism by which they reach their warranted objects is an internal matter, presumably of little interest to their customers.13:38
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