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AlisonChaikenSo far, the Trustable mailing list has had no mention of ASAN, MSAN, UBSAN that I've noticed.07:27
AlisonChaikenThey seem more modern and generally useful to me than MISRA.07:28
AlisonChaikenThey work for both C and C++.07:28
AlisonChaikenBut I must go to bed . . .07:28
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paulsherwoodAlisonChaiken: you mentioned them :)08:32
paulsherwoodbut you're right, we should be more proactive, and they are clearly relevant for the C standard work that Robert is leading08:36
paulsherwoodinterestingly Robert has commented that he wants more tools vendors to be involved in the group08:37
paulsherwoodi think it might be interesting if we could get any of those upstreams (ASAN, MSAN, UBSAN) interested...08:38
paulsherwoodin the meantime i've added them to
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ChrisPolinWhoops, neglected to scroll up the channel list before leaving the office. I'm certainly happy to join and contribute all I can.08:59
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rjeklaurenceurhegyi: Yes, happy to join in although I'm not sure what I'd be able to contribute given the stature of the people already involved09:28
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laurenceurhegyirjek: understood, thanks. I think it's something we should be a part of and show willing. If it turns out that we don't take a front seat, I think that's fine.10:43
laurenceurhegyiI have made a list of the infrastructure associated with Trustable. I think this captures everything and I have not missed anything, but let me know if I have:11:20
laurenceurhegyiThe way I see it is that this is our 'home', as it links to everything else we have set up, ie:11:21
laurenceurhegyiThe mailing list11:21
laurenceurhegyiThis freenode channel11:21
laurenceurhegyiOur wiki is located in Gitlab, along with all stand-up logs.11:22
paulsherwoodlaurenceurhegyi: the website already features this list (to left, links section) plus an item you've missed (ie the irc logs)11:24
jmacsbtw, Chrome complains about the certificate on https://www.trustable.io11:51
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