IRC logs for #trustable for Monday, 2016-12-05

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jmacshttps now works on https://mustard.trustable.io12:58
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paulsherwoodjmacs: w00t! and thanks for the index page14:53
paulsherwoodshall we go the whole hog and move mustard itself to trustable?14:54
jmacsYou mean move the source repository to
jmacsWe've got a trello card for that; it shouldn't take long14:59
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paulsherwoodjmacs: so we stop mirroring at,  then merge ?17:28
jmacsWell, gitlab/trustable/mustard isn't mirrored automatically at the moment, so we don't need to do anything there17:29
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laurenceurhegyirjek: what are your thoughts re joining the Safety / Security Study Group which Robert Seacord is coordinating?18:00
laurenceurhegyiSame question to ChrisPolin and jmacs - are you comfortable joining? I understand you're not experts in C, but I think you'd both certainly add something, with all of our acquired expertise from Trustable.18:08
laurenceurhegyiI've also emailed Don Brown on the matter.18:09
jmacsI'm happy to join18:10
jmacsWhat do I need to do?18:10
laurenceurhegyiEmail Robert directly, according to paulsherwood's Request for Participation email.18:12
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* paulsherwood thinks jmacs_ *is* quite expert in C19:59
paulsherwoodjmacs_: iiuc gitlba/trustable/mustard does live mirroring from github/codethinklabs/mustard - i suggest we turn that off, before the merge request20:00

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