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jmacsNot Mustard, but another specification standard:
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ChrisPolinI've just discovered that ISO 26262 is not in fact < £150 as I had initially thought, but between £150 and £200 per part, of which there are 10.11:17
ChrisPolinI heard back from ISO re: derivative works, they pointed me to the copyright division of BSIgroup, who are apparently the UK ISO member.11:18
ChrisPolinStill waiting to hear back from them.11:19
ChrisPolinBut yeah, the initial ~ £2,000 figure seems more likely now.11:19
ChrisPolinWhich does make it less likely that they'll be happy for us to open source a derivative, but I'll see what they say.11:20
laurenceurhegyiIt certainly proving difficult to make solid progress on ISO 26262. We should turn our attention to other standards in the meantime. Was it PCI you were looking at, ChrisPolin?11:20
laurenceurhegyiPayment Card Issuer?11:21
laurenceurhegyiI may have made that up, but iirc, PCI are the standards for merchants and payments, etc?11:22
ChrisPolinI was intending to have a look at PCI today, yes. At least until I know where ISO 26262 is going.11:22
ChrisPolinI'll write up what I've found so far and continue down that avenue if you're happy enough.11:23
laurenceurhegyiThat'd be great, thanks.11:24
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laurenceurhegyiLast week we verbally discussed looking at how OpenControl deals with branches.16:11
laurenceurhegyiMy notes say 'Mustard does this logically through looking at GIT commits and tracking requirements changes.'16:11
laurenceurhegyijmacs, could you elaborate on that discussion, for the benefit of ChrisPolin and I? I'm not sure what the goal would be of looking into how it dealt with them16:12
jmacsBoth OpenControl and Mustard will typically be backed by git repositories, so they get the branching behaviour of git for free16:13
jmacsThe only thing Mustard does in terms of branching support is to add a drop-down box in the web front end which can select branches16:13
jmacsSince the only applications for opencontrol (compliance-masonry) generate static documents, they can't have any notion of branching16:14
jmacsThe delta tool (which tells you which controls aren't being met) could deal with branches by manually changing git16:15
jmacs... branches16:15
jmacsFrankly I think this is a bizarre question, like asking if a Toyota supports driving to Birmingham16:15
jmacsBut Jannis might be able to explain it a bit better, if we could find him16:16
laurenceurhegyiOK, I understand. So it'd only be something to consider if OpenControl were to be used in line with code development, as Mustard is?16:17
laurenceurhegyiWho is Jannis?16:17
jmacsJannis wrote Mustard16:17
jmacsIt would be something we might want to add to a theoretical tool which provided a web front-end to requirements management16:18
pedroalvarezhe is sometimes around #baserock16:18
jmacsI personally would not call that theoretical tool OpenControl, but it's a blurry line16:19
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