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locallycompactleeming, can we try the bubblewrap sandbox in defslib?10:09
leemingare you running it locally or remtely?10:10
locallycompactI will cut a branch one moment10:10
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leemingok cool, then just grab the leeming/ci branch of gitlab/baserock/sandboxlib10:10
leemingthen fudge the path so it looks at the updated version, instead of the older installed one :P10:11
leeming..for now10:11
locallycompactok, and for you the devel/assembly branch of defslib10:12
leemingis there a way to have a mirror repo on gitlab?10:14
locallycompactmaybe why10:14
leemingsome of these new repos are valid for both this and baserock10:14
leemingsince 'groups' seem like a collection..10:14
leemingi just dislike having things all over the place10:15
locallycompactthis is baserock10:15
* leeming isn't sure if he knows what is going on then :P10:16
locallycompactwhat's going on is can you help make this branch of defslib use sandboxlib with bubblewrap10:17
leemingyes boss10:18
locallycompactthe directories are set up10:18
locallycompactand it's not doing any zipping or anything yet10:19
leemingok? is that an issue?10:19
locallycompactwe just want to shift into the sandbox directory, execute something and then hop out10:19
locallycompactand then after that we copy the install directory to 'target_artifact'10:19
locallycompactleeming, there's a ./ that will test some funcitons against live definitions v1010:39
leemingbut i need to do the conversion first right?10:41
leemingah 2 mins, you have an bug in your code10:44
locallycompactno there's preconverted definitions10:45
locallycompactthe shell script will check them out10:45 ;) you typed a booboo10:46
leeminghmm ok, then needs to call python3 then (or check that python is symlinked to 3, not 2)10:49
leeming2 is still the default install10:49
locallycompactno it isn't10:49
locallycompactnot for me10:50
leemingfor debian + fedora it is10:50
* leeming is only trying to help10:50
locallycompactI'm not opposed to the script checking ofc10:51
leemingim just well aware of things running in devs environments, and not checking in others .. i've hit my head plenty with these fedora tools on debian10:52
locallycompactrun it expl with py3 then10:52
leemingok, after installing all the python libraries required, seems to fall over "Exception: Failed to validate devel-system-x86_64-generic"11:05
locallycompactah, the problem will be11:07
locallycompactit needs to convert the yaml to json so jsonschema can load it11:07
locallycompactand that's done in the script11:07
locallycompactone sudo python3 install will do it11:08
locallycompact(assuming you had git clone --recursive)11:09
locallycompactwhich should also be documented11:09
locallycompactand this json conversion should probably be something can call out to11:10
leemingah ok11:16
leemingwhat is the hash that is thrown out at the end?11:20
locallycompactthe cache key for the system11:21
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* rjek doesn't want to start an argument on the list about standards pricing13:04
jmacsI'd recommend not doing so then :)13:04
rjekthe ISO C standard is avaialble much more cheaply from local standards organisations like ANSI or BSI.  I picked up a BSI hard-back printed C99 for 25 quid.13:04
rjekSo I've said that here so I don't start it there.13:04
rjekThe problem is that MISRA is a profit-seeking organisation.  ISO is just inefficient :)13:05
jmacsFWIW, the need to make a payment would still be an impediment if it were 1p13:05
jmacsIn my opinion.13:05
rjekIf they're claiming distribution costs for a PDF download, host it on Google Docs13:11
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ChrisPolinI've updated the overview on the wiki page to include a section about the waiver-list generation.16:23
jmacsCool, I'll try and have a look later16:31
jmacsAnnoyingly, pykwalify doesn't like the '=:' match rule16:32
ChrisPolinIt's actually a very simply process.16:32
ChrisPolinnot pykwalify, I'm sure that's not a simple process.16:32
* leeming wonders how you pronounce pykwalify16:39
jmacspie qualify16:40
jmacsBased on no authority16:41
jmacsI've just put in a pull request for opencontrols adding schemas for standards and certifications. Let's see what they think :)16:42
ChrisPolinOh good stuff.16:43
laurenceurhegyiGreat stuff, jmacs16:47
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