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ChrisPolinJust in case the link to the OpenControl webinars got lost above, here it is again.
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leemingexample nessus report form network scanning -
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jmacsHmm, might have to learn Go for this bit (diving into opencontrol's compliance-masonry)15:02
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leeminghmm looks like i've solved all the test cases for bwrap now.. although confidence isn't high16:00
leeminglocallycompact, is there a next step? other than updating sandboxlib upstream I suppose?16:01
leemingybd shouldn't be needed to be updated as the sandbox is selected within sandboxlib... just wondering if the gitlab ci checks for updated version of sandboxlib from pypi?16:02
leemingif it does, then we can finally take sudo away from ybd \o/16:03
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ChrisPolinInitial overview of OpenControl has been posted on the wiki - very high level and will be updated tomorrow with more detail, but it's simply there to provide a context for jmacs' schema report.17:01
jmacsOh, I suppose I should give the URL for that then :)17:04
jmacsI've been working on my own report on the schemas used by OpenControl and Mustard. This is a work in progress and probably has errors in it, but feel free to take a look if you want:
jmacsThanks ChrisPolin17:05

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