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ChrisPolinHaven't heard back from J McKenty yet re: streaming into the conference, however there are two webinars scheduled as an introduction to OpenControl and Compliance-Masonry which might be of use.
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jmacsopencontrol seems much clearer today after I've had a couple of days break11:13
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laurenceurhegyigood to hear, jmacs. Any response from them on the things you have submitted to them?12:28
laurenceurhegyiAlso, Chris, any response from OpenControl around the un-conference they're having?12:29
ChrisPolinNo response as of yet, but i've subscribed to the github discussion about it. I mentioned above about a couple of webinars they're having, which could be useful.12:34
ChrisPolinIt looks like it's due to be on the 20th oct, so there's time enough yet to hear back.12:35
ChrisPolinWebinar ->
ChrisPolin(also it's at 7am...sorry all)12:35
jmacslaurenceurhegyi: I haven't submitted anything to them yet12:38
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jmacsChrisPolin - or anyone who knows yaml - could you take a look at and see if you can figure out why kwalify says that the data file is "not a sequence"?15:19
jmacsDoes that count as a mapping with lots of differently named fields?15:20
locallycompactseq is array15:20
ChrisPolinWill have a looksee.15:21
locallycompact- name: foo15:21
locallycompact  field: bar15:21
locallycompact- name: quux15:21
locallycompact  field: rawr15:21
locallycompactthe data there is a dictionary15:21
jmacsIs a dictionary what kwalify calls a map?15:22
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locallycompactcan't seem to find a current upstream for kwalify?15:37
locallycompactI'm using jsonschema in baserock, would like to compare15:37
jmacsAll I have is
jmacsIt may be a dead project15:42
locallycompactlooks like it tbh15:42
jmacsMaybe there's another yaml scheme validator we should be using15:42
locallycompactI'm using this
jmacsEver used it with yaml?15:44
locallycompactbut it has one problem15:44
locallycompactwell, so it works in so far as all it expects is a python object so it doens't matter15:45
locallycompactbut internally if it tries to resolve a $ref to a schema in another file it will attempt to load it in as json15:45
locallycompactI've asked upstream if they'll cater15:45
locallycompactwhere $ref: "#" is the schema of the current document (recursive), that works, but $ref: "chunk.json-schema" it will load via its implementation and so gives a decode error15:50
jmacsI've raised another issue on opencontrol's github about that16:54
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