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ChrisPolinIt appears OpenControl is still alive and well, they're having an OpenControl gathering in Washington DC. Might be useful to stream into if it's feasible.08:47
ChrisPolinJust reading more about it now, it may be a small meeting for those involved, rather than a conference-type event. The discussions are all public (, I'll read a bit more about it now.08:57
paulsherwoodgatecrashing would still be worth a try08:59
paulsherwoodand in any case, to be involved, people need to *get* involved08:59
ChrisPolinI agree. Going to chance my arm and give Josh McKenty a shout.09:00
* paulsherwood thinks Josh will be supportive 09:02
ChrisPolinHe strikes me as the sort.09:03
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paulsherwoodwhat's A&A ?09:48
ChrisPolinGood question.09:49
ChrisPolinlol I'm going to assume it's not Alcoholics Anonymous (thanks google).09:50
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leemingmaybe they do use opencontrol for alcoholics anon? they need to control their urges10:01
leeminglocallycompact, what was the name of that lawyer logic book you found?10:02
leemingI have a logician friend that thought it sounded interesting10:02
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jmacsWe have a copy of that here now, don't we?10:12
locallycompactwe do10:12
jmacsUm, fsvo 'here'10:12
leemingjmacs, just wanted to the amazon link/title to share with a friend. I was telling him about this project and he seemed quite interested10:22
leemingI've pointed him towards our documentation /gitlab10:22
leemingunsure on likelihood of contributions as he is busy with PhD, but he might lurk10:23
leeminglogic/ontologies PhD10:23
ChrisPolinHe may relish the opportunity to shower his head for a bit with something else.10:23
leemingChrisPolin, you underestimate logicians10:24
ChrisPolinHaha perhaps so.10:24
* paulsherwood guessess authentication and authorisation10:57
jmacsI don't really understand the A&A thing11:10
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leemingwell a good argh, but ARGH wtf!?14:59
* leeming finally got something working15:00
leemingI knew /lib and /lib64 was a thing15:00
leemingdidn't realise /lib32 also15:00
leemingso to get something to work, I had to state all three15:00
* leeming sigh15:00
leemingsomething = bubblewrap15:01
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