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jmacsI'm looking through Mustard today and trying to get that running. I'm hoping to make a blog post or something which summarises all the schemas I've seen so far.11:28
paulsherwoodthat would be lovely11:34
paulsherwoodhave we established whether there are any applicable standards in the public domain? for example 26262, ASIL, others?11:35
jmacsASIL-D is £90 a copy (which doesn't mean it isn't public domain, but it seems unlikely)11:37
jmacs26262 is a new one on me11:38
leeming26262 is the car one right?11:58
mdunfordI have heard that the full 26262 standard costs something like £1k12:28
leemingoh wow12:29
mdunfordAt least, that is what Kinnison said earlier today12:30
leemingI didn't realise that standards were like.. a paid thing actually12:30
jmacsSome are, some aren't12:30
leemingwell, licensing vs access to the standard?12:30
leemingthinking of something similar to USB/WiFi12:31
leemingurgh, hit a blocker on bubblewrap for now12:39
leemingsubmitted an issue on their github, but some basic examples do not seem to work with the current version of bwrap12:39
leemingassume a bug somewhere12:39
leemingand maintainers not around (apparently nor yesterday either)12:40
locallycompactmaintainers at a conference12:40
locallycompactwhich example12:44
leemingbwrap --bind /some/chroot/dir / bash12:48
leemingsuggestion from #flatpak/#atomic , if that im running debian, not fedora.. changes needed12:49
locallycompactThat works for me12:50
leeming2 channels I'm asking for hlep in... both are pointing at debian12:53
leemingusrmerge or something12:53
paulsherwoodleeming: maintainers are probably at the las event in portland13:38
leemingoh yes, of course :)13:39
leemingthat is the conf james was telling me about, but I couldn't remember the name of it to ask :P13:39
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