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leemingFor anyone that has read the majority of the mailing list. It would be nice for a summary/TL;DR for new people?09:46
leemingI admit, I have been lazy and not been following it for a while, due to it being a little high level for me09:47
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leemingoh, last week, Dan and I mentioned a trello we were using (more applicable for coding activities) -
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jmacsChrisPolin: ISTR you were trying to get OpenControl's schema validator to work - did you have any luck?14:31
ChrisPolinStill working around all of the various prerequisites for it. If I'm honest I'm only really getting to it this afternoon, spent this morning reading.14:33
jmacsNo worries, let me know if you get stuck14:33
ChrisPolinWill do!14:33
jmacsI was just reminded of it since I'm looking through Baserock's schema today14:34
ChrisPolinThanks for checking in.14:35
leemingwhich schema? definitions?14:35
* locallycompact is still looking for something good that parses owl14:35
* leeming was just about to invoke him14:36
jmacsYes, git://
jmacsIs baserock.owl another spec for the same thing the json-schema files specify?14:37
locallycompactNot really, json-schemas validate syntax and type information on an input yaml, baserock.owl is more abstract14:39
locallycompactOwl is an ontology language, it doesn't specify a format for the data, just the relationships between the things14:41
locallycompactThe preamble has some information:14:44
locallycompact This is not a brilliant schema, in Linked Data terms, because it's using14:44
locallycompact# Baserock-specific terminology and a rigid layout, instead of being a generic14:44
locallycompact# vocabulary for describing how to assemble software.14:44
locallycompactThe "idea" with rdf is that if you have a common vocabulary for describing how to do software, and two concrete implementations that can be mapped to the same ontology, it should be possible to exchange data between the formats without handtranslating it14:45
locallycompactThe only place I know they actually use these techniques is in bioinformatics where there's just so much data and sharing results is hard if every lab has its own data format etc14:46
leemingyes, bio-informatics love it14:53
leemingonly ones (other than pure ontology people) I know that use it14:53
leemingwell, that is wrong.. the odd rouge group of text-miners (non bio) use it too,14:54
leemingknow someone who did some magic with English -> simplified english, for wiki14:54
locallycompactohh yeah14:55
jmacsInteresting, but probably something to look into another time, I think14:55
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