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jmacsI've managed to get OpenControl's demo working, which produces a GitBook09:27
jmacsIt's got a breakdown of their example compliance doc, but doesn't show how you link that to other parts of the project09:28
ChrisPolinIs that this one?09:29
jmacsNo, I'm looking at
ChrisPolinAh cool.09:29
jmacsJust seen that there is another one which does the AWS compliance example09:29
jmacsfreedonia-aws-compliance doesn't have any implementation examples either yet. They did say it was a work in progress.09:44
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jmacsNow looking at so now I've got node.js, go and ruby installing packages on my system10:19
jmacsI might burn my laptop after this10:19
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persiaGood day.  The topic mentions public logs: what is the URL for those logs?11:59
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persiaIt may be sensible to have one of the ops put that in /topic :)12:03
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persiaCatching up on past discussions: some of the projects I follow have recently decided not to have wikis, in favour of git repos + automation to publish master to some well-known source.  Apparently this makes it easier to deal with them locally, or discuss potential changes in advance.12:05
jmacsInteresting. That seems to suggest they see wikis as a way to publish documentation.12:07
persiaWhere "documentation" includes things like upcoming meeting agendas, etc., but I think yes.12:07
jmacsI'm running into a wall with OpenControl. The documentation seems very disjoint after a while and there don't appear to be any channels to contact the authors13:11
ChrisPolinIt seems to be very much a work in progress, and a relatively recent one at that. Contacting the authors would be useful though.13:30
jmacsI'm trying to think of a professional way to ask "What's going on?"13:31
persia"We have recently found a need to address similar concerns to those that <project> appears to be addressing.  I have been reviewing the documentation, and have the following questions: ...  (two of which are "What is the best way to contribute to the ongoing development of the effort?", and "when and how are contributor discussions hosted?"13:33
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persiaThe use of the initial "We" implies that you are a representative of a larger group, which often encourages response by those seeking others' involvement.13:34
persia3-5 questions seems to work best.  7 or more often will never be answered (perceived as too much effort by the recipient)13:35
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