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leemingjmacs, out of interest. what is your preferred? I've used media wiki in the past and championed its usage13:43
leemingbut it is heavyweight13:43
jmacsI'm also a MediaWiki fan13:43
leemingwhat are the usual anti-mediawiki comments? just large bit of software? or does it have legit downfalls?13:44
leemingjust interested btw13:44
jmacsNot going to go into it here, sorry13:44
leemingoh right, np13:45
jmacsI'm not clear on whether NIST-800-53 has actually been converted to OpenControl or not14:26
jmacsIt's quoted as an example of GitBook but I can't see how they've generated it14:27
jmacsAh, they have the headings of all the sections here:
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leemingrelated do some things for trustable - - OpenDO seem to have good material, but possibly dead projects. something to extend on?15:14
mdunfordI thought OpenDo had been dead for a while?15:15
leemingyes, it depends on what can be salvaged.15:15
leemingor just learnt from15:15
jmacsI'll put it on the list15:16
leemingalso this
leemingan EU project that has finished15:17
leemingbut hopefully documented15:17
jmacsOpenControl's tools require quite a lot of requisites that I've not used before. This might take a day or so to try out.15:37
ChrisPolinI'm still reading through the trustable software mailing list, just trying to get a better handle on the project as a whole.15:44
paulsherwoodChrisPolin: feel free to ask questions there :-)15:45
ChrisPolinI've signed up so the option is there, rest assured I'll have plenty!15:45
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