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patersoncUpdate the default branch to point to the latest SLTS version?00:06
punitpatersonc: The switch will be a non-fastforward change for anybody that's cloned the tree. These tend to be avoided as it'll require rebasing for anybody that bases their branches of the master branch00:25
iwamatsuThe CIP kernel manages multiple versions at the same time, similar to stable-tree. I don't think there is a default branch.00:28
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patersonciwamatsu: Agreed, but I think in GitLab there must be some sort of default branch set07:25
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sashalpatersonc: it just won't work for folks who have it checked out and expect 'git pull' to work11:53
patersoncsashal: true12:28
patersoncMaybe we just point default at CIP v4.4 and leave it there forever then. I doubt the project will be deleting the branch once the 10 years of support are over?12:28
sashalbut then you end up with the same problem you have today, a master branch that isn't updated/relevant :)12:29
* patersonc bangs head against wall12:30
sashalfwiw, stable/master just follows linus/master12:30
sashalThis way it's also easy to work on stable/ if you don't have a remote pointing to Linus's tree12:30
patersoncSounds like the only solution, assuming that mainline will go on forever ;)12:31
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