IRC logs for #cip for Monday, 2021-03-08

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patersoncShould we be removing the master branch from cip-linux? Or at least point it to the latest CIP Kernel version?09:20
patersoncCurrently the last update to the master branch was over 2 years ago...09:20
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wensif we remove it then which branch should be the default?14:05
patersoncLatest? So 4.19 now, 5.10 when the first CIP release is done?14:16
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iwamatsuor we can keep master branch as linus/master or stable/master.23:33
patersoncThat's another option, although I think that as it's CIP's SLTS repo the default branch should be one of our Kernels23:34
sashalpatersonc: this will break when that kernel goes EOL23:44

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