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tlater[m]Do the lava docs not properly render for anyone else?
tlater[m]It looks like it's having CORS issues, and jquery isn't being loaded in my console12:01
patersoncIt's not working for me either12:03
patersoncTry here instead:
tlater[m]Ah, ta patersonc - I think that page points to the readthedocs one somewhere12:04
* tlater[m] will just follow what's there12:04
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patersonctlater: hi15:06
tlater[m]Oh, whoops, sorry15:06
tlater[m]Heh, muscle memory15:06
tlater[m]patersonc: Regarding #1115:06
tlater[m]I've gotten to the point where I understand the why, but I'm not sure why it's not merged as-is15:07
tlater[m]What's still missing from that?15:07
tlater[m]Besides some cleanup :)15:07
patersoncI'll have to remind myself ;)15:07
tlater[m]patersonc: Let me find the issue, link is annoyingly hard to get to in emacs...15:07
patersoncI've got it15:08
tlater[m]Ok :)15:08
patersoncMaybe it was just that last comment from Iwamatsu-san15:09
tlater[m]Right, I see15:10
patersoncI suggest we kick off a new pipeline to that test everything works15:11
tlater[m]Currently on eongoing...15:11
patersoncI'm still not a fan of the way I did it with the symlinks15:14
patersoncIn reality we probably need a complete overhaul. Move to a yml config setup perhaps.15:15
tlater[m]Ah, I was wondering15:15
tlater[m]It seems like a rough bit of bash scripting :)15:15
tlater[m]Could put some time in to do a quick rework of it in something that manages yaml better, if that isn't considered offensive15:16
patersoncIt was working fine originally, hasn't scaled well ;)15:16
patersonctlater: I'm sure I'd get over it :P15:17
tlater[m]Cool :)15:17
tlater[m]I'd still say merge that as-is for now, and leave fixing the mess up to a rework?15:17
tlater[m]Assuming it works15:17
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tlater[m]patersonc: Hmm, looks like the cip-core image is missing, if I understand the log output right16:12
patersonctlater: Looks like it. They must have re-organised the s3 bucket16:18
* tlater[m] peeks inside the bucket16:20
patersonctlater: Do you have access?16:21
tlater[m]patersonc: Don't need it just to look at what files are there16:21
patersoncIt's there. It just doesn't have public read permissions for some reason16:23
tlater[m]Interesting that it's visible even when it has no public permissions16:23
patersoncI've make it all public again16:24
patersoncAnd re-started the GitLab Ci jobs16:24
tlater[m]lava is pretty nice16:25
* tlater[m] 's first real experience with it16:25
patersoncYea it's good16:25
tlater[m]Ah, but it doesn't auto-update16:45
tlater[m]Seems all passed :)16:46
patersoncApart from the x86 jobs. But that's because the x86 device type doesn't exsit anymore for us16:47
tlater[m]Oh, you didn't run that in the first place?16:48
patersoncThat's something that also needs fixing16:48
tlater[m]Ah, I see16:49
patersoncI forgot about that :(16:49
patersoncWe should probably have a ticket for that16:50
tlater[m]patersonc: Yep - just to make sure here, the problem  is the test definitions need to specify the correct x86 device, rather than the generic that has been removed?16:53
patersoncWe now have 2 different x86 devices16:54
patersoncWe need to s/x86/x86-simatic-ipc227e16:55
tlater[m]Yep, gotcha16:55
patersoncThen at some point add support for x86-openblocks-iot-vx2, but I don't think those boards are working yet16:56
tlater[m]Two issues then ;)16:56
patersoncJust the tip of the iceburg ;)16:56
patersoncFeel free to create the tickets on gitlab for me16:56
tlater[m]In progress!16:56
tlater[m]patersonc: :)17:11
tlater[m]So, we have a few sub-yaml things that point at "qemu"17:11
tlater[m]That are marked as x8617:11
tlater[m]I guess that was previously done with qemu, and we're now switching to actual boards?17:11
patersoncWe still want to use qemu as well17:11
tlater[m]Right, looks like the images for that have disappeared from the bucket17:12
tlater[m]Specifically `core-image-minimal-qemux86-64-ltp.ext4.xz`17:12
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patersoncThat was something created by iwamatsu  I believe17:13
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tlater[m]Aw, wanted to quickly solve that, but without figuring out what those images are for I don't think I'll be able to17:22
* tlater[m] pushes up his branch anyway for now17:22
tlater[m]Would have been nice to end the week on a PR ;)17:22
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