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masashi910#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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masashi910#topic rollcall09:00
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masashi910please say hi if you're around09:00
masashi910Today Chris-san and Chen-Yu-san are not here.09:01
masashi910Let's get started.09:01
masashi910#topic AI review09:01
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masashi9101. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - iwamatsu09:01
masashi910Iwamatsu-san, are you around?09:01
masashi910Let's come back when he joins.09:01
masashi9102. Check whether CVE-2019-0145, CVE-2019-0147, CVE-2019-0148 needs to be backported to 4.4 - Kernel Team09:01
iwamatsuabout 1., no update09:02
masashi910iwamatsu: Noted. Thanks.09:02
masashi910Regarding  CVE-2019-0145, CVE-2019-0147, CVE-2019-0148, at the last meeting we recognized that those descriptions are not clear, and it is difficult for us to move forward based on those information.09:03
masashi910Are there any changes?09:04
pave1Not really. I believe we should let Intel solve that out.09:05
pave1The descriptions are not really clear, we do not have i40e boards for testing...09:05
pave1...and the patches we identified do not really look like fixing too serious stuff.09:05
masashi910pave1: Sure. Then let's keep this AI open till Intel fixes them.09:06
masashi910pave1: Thanks!09:06
masashi910any other topics?09:06
pave1masashi910: I'd suggest simply dropping it from our list.09:06
pave1masashi910: Let the stable team handle this one, no need to track it here.09:07
masashi910pave1: OK. Thanks for your advice. I will notify this to cip-dev as well.09:08
masashi910pave1: Thanks!09:08
masashi910any other topics?09:08
masashi910#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:09
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pave1From the last irc meeting, review of 4.19.153 and 4.19.155 were major topics.09:09
iwamatsuI reviewed 4.4.141 and 242-rc09:10
masashi910pave1, iwamatsu: Thanks for your works!09:10
masashi910any other topics?09:10
masashi910BTW Chen-Yu-san mentioned that he will report his status this evening.09:11
masashi910#topic Kernel testing09:11
*** brlogger changes topic to "Kernel testing (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:11
masashi910According to Chris-san, he has no updates.09:11
masashi910any other topics?09:11
masashi910#topic CIP Security09:12
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yoshidak[m]The gap assessment review for IEC 62443-4-2, technical requirements are scheduled tomorrow.09:12
yoshidak[m]It expected  to be completed tomorrow, then Exida will create the report in several weeks.09:12
yoshidak[m]And, we'll continue to summarize the process requirements to other teams as the result of the gap assessment for IEC 62443-4-1.09:12
yoshidak[m]We'll hold the internal meeting next Monday and discuss about it.09:13
pave1yoshidak: Could we talk on irc after the meeting?09:13
yoshidak[m]masashi910: Sure09:13
yoshidak[m]That's the end from me today.09:13
masashi910yoshidak[m]: Thanks for your works!09:13
masashi910BTW are you planning to give a talk at OSSJ?09:13
masashi910I see. Thanks.09:14
masashi910any other topics?09:14
masashi910#topic AOB09:14
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masashi910Are there any business to discuss?09:14
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masashi910Thanks, Bye!09:15
iwamatsuThank you!09:16
pave1yoshidak: Do we have some guidelines about the use cases?09:16
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pave1yoshidak: Like: is it okay to run untrusted code on the CPU?09:16
pave1yoshidak: Like: do we recommend running JIT interpetters with untrusted code?09:17
pave1yoshidak: etc?09:17
yoshidak[m]We can create some guidelines for a generic use case, but there is nothing concrete at this time.09:19
pave1yoshidak: It would be good. There are various security barriers in the system, and it would be good to know which ones we focus on.09:20
yoshidak[m]About untrusted code, the norm says that It should be completely eliminated, so I guess the norm doesn't extend to be run untrusted code.09:20
pave1yoshidak: So stuff like web browsers is ruled out?09:20
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yoshidak[m]The norm has requirements for mobile codes, so user should follow that requirement basically.09:21
pave1yoshidak: I'm not sure what "mobile code" is.09:22
yoshidak[m]But, I guess it also depends on use case. So, at least we can only recommend to assess risks to use mobile codes.09:22
yoshidak[m]pave1: mobile code means the program automatically downloaded and run via the browsers and so on.09:24
pave1yoshidak: aha, ok.09:25
yoshidak[m]<pave1 "yoshidak: So stuff like web brow"> I intended to answer this question, but was it correct?09:26
pave1yoshidak: Would it make sense to have a document describing various security guarantees inside kernel, and our priorities w.r.t. them?09:27
pave1yoshidak: Well, web browsers download javascript from the web, then run it locally; we can't avoid them on general purpose desktops, but I believe we should make it clear that such stuff should not be done in industrial settings.09:28
yoshidak[m]<pave1 "yoshidak: Would it make sense to"> It is very useful for the assessment. Of course, it will be included in our offers to kernel team.09:28
pave1Ok. Thank you!09:29
yoshidak[m]pave1: That's right. As a minimum, the supplier must show the user a policy on how to handle them.09:30
yoshidak[m]But, it's a supplier's task, we don't have specific idea to deal with them as you know.09:31
yoshidak[m]pave1: You're welcome. Bye!09:32
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