IRC logs for #cip for Friday, 2019-06-28

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pave1patersonc: Are you around by chance?08:41
pave1mungaip: Are you around by chance?08:46
mungaip[m]pave1: hi!08:52
pave1mungaip: Hi!08:55
pave1I'd like to test 4.19 realtime branch.08:55
pave1iwg20m would be suitable, but I can't get it to boot.08:56 the lava test lab.08:56
pave1I can get it to boot using 4.4 kernel, but not 4.19.08:56
pave1I tried renesas_shmobile_defconfig, then just held enter for remaining questions.08:57
pave1Is there easy way to get working config, suitable for lava lab?08:57
mungaip[m]Hmm, let me have a look08:59
mungaip[m]pave1: shmobile_defconfig should work09:06
mungaip[m]I don't get any questions when building the config09:07
mungaip[m]actually sorry I've missed a step!09:08
mungaip[m]shmobile_defconfig should work fine09:12
mungaip[m]pave1: Have you unset LDFLAGS?09:16
pave1So.. 4.19.52-cip4 + 4.19/arm/renesas_shmobile_defconfig ...I hold enter to all the questions.09:17
pave1I'm not doing anything special with LDFLAGS. Should I?09:18
mungaip[m]My process for building the kernel:09:20
mungaip[m](for iwg20m)09:21
mungaip[m]source toolchain09:21
mungaip[m]unset LDFLAGS09:21
mungaip[m]export LOADADDR=0x4000800009:21
mungaip[m]make shmobile_defconfig09:21
mungaip[m]make uImage09:22
mungaip[m]That should be fine09:22
mungaip[m]There shouldn't be any questions when running make shmobile_defconfig09:23
patersoncLDFLAGS is specific to the Renesas toolchain.09:24
patersoncpave1: I assume you're using gcc?09:24
pave1Aha, thanks. My build starting working in the meantime. Not sure what changed.09:24
pave1Yes; I'm using eldk-5.4 for that specific test.09:24
patersoncFor the iwg20m you can use the in-tree config, i.e. make shmobile_defconfig09:26
patersoncFor ek874 you can also use the in-tree config, make defconfig09:26
pave1patersonc: THanks, I have something that works now.09:26
pave1I need iwg20m to be able to compare good/bad.09:26
pave1Eventually, more configurations would be useful, but hopefully CI does it for me? :-).09:27
patersoncMy next task for the CI is to get it to build configurations stored in cip-kernel-config. Once that is done you can add as many configs for testing as you like09:36
pave1patersonc: Yes, cip-kernel-config is a good start.09:38
pave1Anyone has experience with cyclictest?09:39
pave1Hmm. Good idea. That can be question on the list :-).09:43
pave1Thanks for all the help. From the current testing, -rt versions do not behave as I'd expect them, but at least 4.19.50-cip3-rt22 does not trigger WARN_ON() like 4.19.13-cip1-rt:11:13
pave1I suspect I'll just release it, and let you do the testing.11:14
patersoncI assume you got it booting then?11:26
pave1Not sure where the problem was...11:30
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