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szlin#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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szlin#topic rollcall09:00
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szlinplease say hi if you're here09:00
szlin#topic AI review09:00
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szlin1. Prepare the CIP kernel release tutorial- Iwamatsu09:00
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szlinIwamatsu-san just sent draft proposal09:01
szlin2. Add license file in classify-failed-patches - Iwamatsu09:01
iwamatsuI send this to SZ and bwh and pave1 a  few minutes ago.09:01
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iwamatsuAbout license, I add LICENSE file and commit09:02
szlinMIT license was given to this script09:02
szlin3. send investigating email for kernel-testing lab to cip-dev - patersonc09:02
patersoncI haven't sent an email yet, but did raise the issue in the TSC09:03
szlinpatersonc: thanks for the update, I will keep this AI09:03
szlin#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:04
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szlinpave1: iwamatsu do you have any update on kernel maintenance?09:05
pave1szlin: Not much from me. I reviewed 4.19.46, and am preparing to review
szlinpave1: thank you for the update09:06
iwamatsuszlin: I reviewed LTS rc patches, I send a comment to Greg.09:06
pave1I am working on scripts to work with review lists, so the review results are now going to repository.09:06
iwamatsuI have not reviewed already released LTS this week.09:07
szliniwamatsu: thank you for the update09:07
szlinBen did some work in cip-kernel-sec09:08
bwhAnd I sent backported fixes to Greg and Sasha for stable09:08
szlinbwh: thank you for the update09:09
szlinany other topic?09:09
szlin#topic Kernel testing09:10
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szlinpatersonc: give the floor to you :D09:10
patersoncI'm continuing to look into CIP's CI setup.09:11
patersoncI've arranged a meeting with relevant people next week to discuss gitlab-cloud-ci in more detail.09:11
patersoncSiemens have run some testing on AWS with gitlab-cloud-ci and estimated some costs09:11
patersoncI guess it's up to the TSC/board to decide a budget09:11
patersoncI've also started creating requirements for a new CIP LAVA worker09:12
patersoncCIP needs to decide what test cases to routinely run on Kernel builds for our CI09:12
patersoncAny suggestions?09:12
sangorrinLKPT tests?09:13
bwhIn-tree selftests (possibly not all of them)09:13
pave1It is kind of traditional to run tests from "linux test project".09:13
sangorrinI mean this:
patersoncThanks all.09:14
patersoncLTP needs some dependencies that cip-core doesn't have yet (I think), but we should definitely use09:15
patersoncsangorrin: We already have some example jobs for the Linaro tests:
patersoncbwh: Sure09:15
patersoncWe'll start experimenting with the aim to implement all once the CI is sorted.09:16
sangorrinI can prepare images using Debos with all the necessary to build the tests (I already did to run Fuego on renesas lab)09:16
patersoncsangorrin: Thanks. I suggest we have a quick meeting later about this.09:17
sangorrinand maybe with ISAR once I know how to customize it09:17
szlinDaniel shared his slide before, just F.Y.I.09:17
patersoncYes, it would be good to use CIP-Core (ISAR) as-is09:17
szlinpatersonc: we can have further discussion after the meeting09:17
szlinany other topic?09:18
patersoncNot from me09:18
sangorrinthere was a guy from mentor09:18
sangorrinasking for an account09:19
sangorrindoes anyone know him?09:19
patersoncOh yes. I'll pick this up09:19
patersoncI'm talking to Mentor(Siemens) about setting a lab up there09:19
sangorrinah ok, good09:19
szlin#topic CIP Core09:20
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kazuI proposed the (updated) process to decide packages that should be maintained by CIP.09:20
kazu#info Smaple sheet:
kazuA conference call to discuss CIP core specific topics will be held on June 4th (The time has not been decided yet)09:20
szlinkazu: thank you for the update09:20
kazuFeedback is welcome before the meeting09:20
szlinany comments?09:21
szlin#topic Software update09:21
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sangorrinNo updates, thanks09:22
szlinany other topic?09:22
sangorrinIt's not a pun lol09:22
szlin#topic AOB09:22
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szlinany other business?09:22
patersonckazu: Hopefully you'll get some input from the members on package selection :)09:23
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szlinthank you all09:23
pave1thank you!09:24
patersoncThanks szlin09:24
kazupatersonc: Thanks!09:24
kazuThank you09:24
patersoncmungaip: Do you have a list of the dependencies you were missing in order to run LTP/Kselftest etc.?09:24
mungaip[m]From when I looked into it a little while ago...09:25
mungaip[m]kselftests: sed wget xz perl09:25
mungaip[m]ltp-open-posix: ltp tests, apt-get, make09:26
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