IRC logs for #cip for Friday, 2018-09-21

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* rajm has run the daily health on the BBB with an email to the list.09:07
rajmthough I've not seen the email yet..09:08
rajmit's left the VM but isn't visible at yet09:14
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rajmstill nothing on cip-testing-results :(10:37
* rajm remembers seeing that lava-tool is deprecated and thinks that the wiki should be referencing lavacli instead - and will also need a change in b@d to create_test.sh10:42
rajmI've added a note to the wiki that irc pinging in LAVA notify won't work due to their current spam avoidance strategy10:50
* rajm installs lavacli in b@d11:00
rajmand runs a lava job using lavacli - prepares to document the method with b@d on the wiki12:51
rajmyes that runs to completion12:53
toscalixlittle nice improvement right?13:25
rajmyup - and the wiki has a new section
rajmand is just remembering something I was going to do this afternoon...13:33
rajmsends email to cip-dev re testing progress for weeks 30-3814:18
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