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* rajm has run the daily health on the BBB with an email to the list.07:40
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gavinlaiszlin has a meeting conflict today08:00
gavinlaiI will chair this meeting08:00
gavinlai#roll call08:00
gavinlaiplease say hi if you're here.08:00
gavinlaiprevious meeting log:
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gavinlai#topic action item review08:01
gavinlaiaction item: toscalix will raise topic in TSC meeting for transfer maintainer08:02
toscalixI did. No conclusion08:03
gavinlaimaybe we need more time to discuss this topic?08:04
toscalixwe need a maintainer :-)08:04
toscalixif it has a account... we have options. If not, only Daniel W. can do it08:05
gavinlaiany action item we need?08:06
toscalixdo not think so08:06
gavinlaiaction item: discuss the testing infra. including maintainer/admin at TSC meeting08:06
toscalixTSC is aware we need a maintainer08:07
toscalixI wonder if we can solve these escalations by checking the minutes...08:07
toscalixcannot find where are the minutes being published08:08
toscalixof the TSC meetings08:08
szlin._./ sorry for being late08:08
toscalixah, I will send a reminder to publish the minutes08:09
toscalixwe have no minutes since Jan 201808:09
gavinlaitoscalix: thanks08:09
gavinlainext action item?08:10
gavinlaiaction item: discuss the testing infra. including maintainer/admin at TSC meeting08:11
szlinwe're looking for the maintainer for testing08:11
gavinlaiok, thanks08:12
gavinlainext topic?08:12
gavinlai#topic kernel maintenance updates08:13
gavinlai - Ksummit-discuss mailing list mentioned CIP last week08:13
szlinThey're planning to discuss old hardware support removing in ksummit08:14
szlinand Greg mentioned CIP in this mailing list08:15
szlinbwh: will you attend Ksummit ?08:15
bwhszlin: I'm not planning to08:17
szlinBesides, I will send patch V2 with our dts in these days.08:17
szlinbwh: got it, thanks.08:17
szlinand I will start to review v4.4.155 afterwards08:18
szlinThat's all08:18
gavinlai#topic kernel testing08:19
rajmhi, some advances in containerisation08:19
rajman issue was raised with khilman (on the BBB U-Boot) but I've not seen a fix with his suggestions yet08:20
rajmI've put an initial script for building both docker images in our repos but it needs more work08:21
rajmAlso I've not managed to replicate the error that renesas reported and I replicated on wifi in Spain08:21
* rajm ends08:22
gavinlairajm: thanks08:22
gavinlai#topic AOB08:22
gavinlaiany other point?08:23
gavinlaithanks all08:24
szlingavinlai: thank you08:24
rajmthanks gavinlai08:24
toscalixI just realised I have 4.4.155 in my laptop08:24
toscalixopenSUSE Leap 42.308:24
szlintoscalix: wow, so fast08:27
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szlinI'm planning to create a packaging team in Debian which is related to civil infrastructure platform.08:41
szlinpkg-industrial-tools - The Debian Industrial Automation Tools Packaging Team08:42
szlinincluding modbus, canbus, bacnet, profibus, profinet and so on.08:45
toscalixszlin: I would make sure those tools have some usage internally at your company so it makes sense for Moxa as well as for CIP. Otherwise you might find yourself exhausted of doing a work "just for others"09:16
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szlintoscalix: fair enough, thanks for your reminder :)09:35
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rajmI've pushed a new version of to our kernelci-docker as it is still a template imp I'll leave making PRs until there are things to break!12:58
toscalixrajm: ok13:13
* rajm has realised it's an even week and has therefore started a fresh provision #149 13:55
toscalixah, good catch14:03
rajmhopefully it'll be done before the team meeting..14:04
rajm\o/ it does so!14:23
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rajmah the QEMU health check was still running while I relocated for our meeting and lost ethernet so it failed - so running that again (it was the BBB success and populate script completion I saw)14:58
rajmQEMU completes ok so I've marked week 38 on as done15:14
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