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szlin2016-09-06 Announced 4.9 ==  LTS kernel06:03
szlin2017-09-06 Announced 4.14 == LTS kernel06:03
szlinToday is 2018-09-06 :p06:03
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* rajm has run a successful healthcheck on BBB with an email to the list07:53
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szlin#roll call08:00
szlinplease say hi if you're here.08:00
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szlingood, we don't have network issue today :D08:00
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szlin#topic action item review08:01
szlinSince Agustin is not here npw, I will ping him later.08:01
szlinabout this action item -> Agustin will ping Ben for the feedback of git group account in kernel.org08:02
szlinAI 2: discuss the testing infra. including maintainer/admin at TSC meeting08:02
szlinthe CIP TSC meeting listed this as an action item08:03
szlinany comments for this AI?08:04
patersoncDaniel S has already contacted the LF admin about this.08:05
patersoncWe're just sorting out how to exchange passwords/keys securely.08:05
szlinexechange PGP key in person is necessary.08:06
szlinpatersonc: do you mean PGP key or something else?08:07
patersoncFor KernelCI/LAVA lab integrations08:07
szlinI see, thanks.08:08
szlinperhaps we can discuss this when Daniel S is here08:09
szlin#topic kernel maintenance updates08:09
szlinWe found that some USB devices cannot work properly with xHCI mode in CIP kernel.08:09
szlinThe patch is already in upstream (f5249461b504d) but not in stable-4.4.y.08:09
szlinThe backport patches shall be ready in the near future which're prepared by us.08:10
szliniwamatsu______: do you have any updates?08:11
iwamatsu______szlin: no.08:12
patersoncThank you szlin08:12
iwamatsu______i dont have update for linux kernel08:12
szlinI have a question.08:13
szliniwamatsu______: will you be the maintainer of 4.4 or 4.19(est.)?08:13
iwamatsu______for CIP?08:14
iwamatsu______yes. I will be maintainerm if accepted08:15
patersoncAren't you already 'accepted'?08:16
iwamatsu______I think that I have not accepted on SC yet.08:19
szlinwhich does "SC" stand for?08:20
iwamatsu______maybe it will be accepted08:22
szliniwamatsu______: ok, let's discuss it after the meeting08:24
szlinany other point?08:24
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szlin#topic kernel testing08:25
szlinrajm: do you have any updates?08:25
rajmthe containerisation is moving slowly but hope to submit merge request to the kernelci-docker later today08:26
rajmI put a summary of outstanding issues here late yesterday
szlinrajm: thanks08:27
szlinany other point?08:27
rajmI think the FILE_SERVER_URL issue is the one that both Daniel S and I have seen08:27
szlin#topic AOB08:28
szlinany other point?08:28
szlinthanks all.08:30
rajmty szlin08:30
gavinlaithanks :)08:30
szliniwamatsu______: I thought you've accepted it because your name is listed in TSC meeting already.08:31
szlinpatersonc: please correct me if I am wrong.08:31
patersoncThat was my understanding. I'm not sure if there is a 'formal' process though? Perhaps not if there is no contract required.08:32
szlinI didn't see any 'format' process so far08:34
iwamatsu__szlin: Yes. However, I have not made contract etc yet. But I am already working as maintainer in my company.08:34
iwamatsu__szlin: We (CTJ) issued a proposal, but it is still under review. However, I will work as a maintainer regardless of this.08:35
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szlinI see, that means you will become a official CIP kernel maintainer after getting the approval.08:37
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patersoncHello toscalix. Do you have an update for the action "Agustin will ping Ben for the feedback of git group account in"08:40
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szliniwamatsu______: do you plan to maintain 4.4 or 4.19(est.) ? or haven't decided yet08:42
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toscalixsorry, in the middle of a release. I couldn't participate. Pinging bwh to see if he is working or still unavailable09:28
* rajm creates PR for kernelci-docker
rajmand I'd forgotten the issue I'd raised which is associated with it10:03
rajmso I've added a comment to that issue referencing the PR10:09
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