IRC logs for #cip for Wednesday, 2018-09-05

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* rajm has run a successful healthcheck on BBB with an email to the list06:46
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rajmfresh provision #149 runs ok, qemu had to be rerun - timed out, and I see various installs that were slow and I don't remember seeing before, will check against the example output09:06
rajmno the output of the ref test is very similar - maybe the working from home net connect is slow today causing that problem10:15
rajmI'm not seeing the network timeouts on my home desktop with docker not sure if that's due to the difference in packaging (desktop running docker with snap under ubuntu) or if its corporate networking differences10:49
rajmbut I think the prob may not be relevant as the lava-docker needs adding to the swarm that kernelci-docker uses which doesn't suffer from this problem10:53
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* rajm has added a list to the journal of what I believe are the issues needing addressing for the containerisation of B@D14:42
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