IRC logs for #cip for Thursday, 2018-06-28

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* robertmarshall has run the daily BBB health check with an email to the list08:11
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gavinlaiI think szlin is not on his seat09:02
gavinlaistart meeting ?09:03
patersoncIs anyone here?09:10
bwhwell there are 3 of us at least09:10
gavinlaiok, let's start09:11
gavinlai#topic roll call09:11
gavinlaiplease say hi if you're in this meeting09:11
gavinlai#topic kernel patch review update09:12
gavinlaiMoxa team is reviewing patch in 4.4.13009:14
gavinlaislow ... but keep moving ...09:14
gavinlaiany updates?09:14
gavinlai#topic Miscellaneous09:16
gavinlaiIIRC, we discussed the supported list (kernel config)09:17
gavinlaiIs there anything we can do?09:17
gavinlaiany ideas?09:19
bwhMaybe you can write a script that will check the current config against a blacklist of directories and symbol names09:22
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gavinlaiDo we already have a blacklist?09:23
bwhThere is a simple script in the kernel-config repository that parses kconfig files and finds all the available symbols. The parsing would need to be split out to a library module that could be shared with the new script.09:23
bwhWe don't exactly have such a blacklist but I can prepare one based on my previous advice about what I think is (not) supportable09:23
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gavinlaicool, we can have some try09:25
gavinlaiwhere do bwh would like to post the blacklist?09:28
bwhthe script and blacklist should both be added to the kernel-config repo09:29
gavinlaigot it09:30
gavinlaiany other topics?09:32
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