IRC logs for #cip for Wednesday, 2018-06-27

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robertmarshallMorning! Looks like the linaro tests at git:// have changed structure, I'm getting Unable to open test definition 'common/dt-selftests.yaml' with the BBB test08:15
* robertmarshall builds the BBB v4.4.138-cip25 kernel for kernelCI and the health check08:35
robertmarshalland the BBB health check runs with v4.4.138-cip25 (but not using )09:06
robertmarshallI've opened to deal with the external test issue09:12
* robertmarshall runs a fresh provision (#149) - a week late..10:48
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robertmarshall...and that health checks the BBB successfully (after fixing the test)11:50
* robertmarshall is getting 413 Request Entity Too Large when trying to publish a build to the docker kernelci, checking what mods we make...14:05
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