IRC logs for #cip for Thursday, 2018-06-14

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* rajm runs a successful bbb hc with email to the list (worked first time today if you ignore a connecting wrong USB cable stupidity)08:50
szlinThe meeting will be started in 2 mins08:58
szlin#topic roll call09:00
szlinplease say hi if you're here09:00
szlin#topic kernel patch review09:02
szlinMoxa team have some resource issue recently, so we are still in
szlinwe will provide our experience in kernel patch review to Agustin09:03
bwhIs anyone else trying to review stable changes?09:04
szlinwe can get more manpower in the nearly future in Moxa team to dedicate for reviewing stable kernel patch09:06
szlinAbout the CIP maintenance scope, do we have specific list for it?09:08
bwhLike a list of tasks?09:09
szlinI mean, for filesystem: CONFIG_EXT4_FS09:09
bwhOh right09:09
bwhWell our kernel-config repo has all the member configs and scripting to produce a list of all enabled config symbols09:10
bwhThere's no attempt to divide up responsibility for review in different areas, since I've been doing it all until now09:10
szlinyes, but does it mean all of them is supported?09:11
bwhNot exactly...09:11
bwhRight, so I need to add some filtering there based on what I've said previously is probably not supportable09:12
szlindo you need any assistance on it?09:13
bwh"Need", probably not, but I would *like* assistance09:14
szlinI see.09:14
gavinlaiI have a question09:15
gavinlaiWhen I review a commit, I will have a look of the upstream commit and compare with it09:15
gavinlaiIs there any other suggest process when reviewing a commit?09:16
bwhIt's here:
gavinlaiAh, thanks09:18
szlinbwh: please tell us which kind of assistance do you like to have afterwards, and thus we can learn something from it.09:19
bwhAfter the meeting?09:20
szlinyes, I think.09:21
patersoncOr now :)09:21
bwhI need some time to think09:22
szlinfair enough09:22
szlinMy idea is to have support-list in cip kernel09:23
szlinany questions?09:24
*** szlin changes topic to "Miscellaneous"09:24
szlinoops, fat finger09:24
szlinI will change it back later09:25
szlin#topic Miscellaneous09:25
szlinany questions?09:25
szlinOK, we can end this meeting beforehand if there is no question09:26
* szlin thank you all.09:27
*** szlin changes topic to "Civil Infrastructure Platform Project. Find the logs at"09:28
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rajmI've tested provisioning of the latest b@d from git with windows 10 and both kernelci and the QEMU and BBB health checks are ok14:15
rajmI'm experiencing problems though with the iwg20m HC, I'll log details in the journal and a ticket14:15
rajm'tis here
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