IRC logs for #cip for Wednesday, 2018-06-13

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* rajm runs a BBB health check - email to list - I had 4 failures on that device before the working one this morning, one was user error but the other 3??08:02
patersoncrajm: Maybe your BBB board has caught whatever your iwg20m board has? ;)08:23
rajmhmm - goes to find kitchen disinfectant!08:24
rajmbut the iwg20m heath checks this morning (on a second attempt)08:54
szlinDo we have whole picture with CIP kernel maintenance scope ?10:20
szlinThe wiki [1] didn't mention it10:22
szlinand I can only find some discussion with that in cip-dev10:27
szlinI wonder that if I missed something10:27
patersoncszlin: I don't think so. Perhaps check Agustin's slides from ELC-E last year?10:31
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