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* rajm runs a BBB healthcheck with email to the list07:31
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rajmand a successful renesas board HC with another list email07:35
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toscalixszlin: any point on the agenda for today's meeting?08:42
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szlintoscalix: which version of kernel should we start to review? Based on ben's email yesterday, it should be 4.4.12908:48
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szlinI don't have question before jumping into review work.08:59
szlinBTW, I just sent kernel patch via stable process -
patersoncMornin all09:00
szlinpatersonc: hi09:01
patersoncszlin: Potential agenda item: Kernel maintenance testing requirements09:01
szlinI see.09:01
szlinlet's start the meeting09:02
szlin#topic roll call09:02
szlinplease say hi if you are in the meeting09:02
szlin#topic 1. Kernel maintenance testing requirements09:03
szlinpatersonc: Any thoughts?09:04
patersoncI'm asking wrt infrastructure. KernelCI/Jenkins etc. Is any required? Or will everyone be doing everything locally?09:04
patersoncAt the moment CIP are setting up KernelCI and LAVA Labs for remote testing, but no Jenkins instance. I want to know if you see a need for a centralised build system.09:05
patersoncWould this help with maintenance?09:05
patersoncNew commits can trigger builds/tests automatically etc.09:05
bwhI thought KernelCI had some provision for that already09:06
toscalixit does09:06
bwhMaybe not09:06
toscalixbut simple09:06
toscalixsince it was designed for testing the kernel only initially09:06
szlinDaniel Sangorrin has mentioned that he is going to use Fuego for testing09:07
toscalixlinaro is already using kernelci to test beyond kernel, like agl09:08
toscalixand agl has plans to make fuego and lava compatible09:08
szlinI am not sure that if Fuego is overkill09:08
toscalixthere is a big gap between where we are and needing anything beyond kernelci09:09
toscalixI mean, we need to set up our labs, get familiar with the lava set up, create/import tests09:09
toscalixprobably adapt the kernelci interface to our use case a little...09:10
patersoncI wasn't sure what KernelCI could do09:10
szlintoscalix: that's what Moxa doing...we are building the testlab with CI/ CD/ LT09:10
toscalixszlin: based on kernelci?09:11
toscalixusing openQA?09:11
szlinbased on jenkins and LAVA. But yes, openQA could be a option09:11
toscalixso you will be able to send results to the infra that renesas is setting up, cool09:12
szlintoscalix: Have you ever used openQA?09:14
toscalixszlin: yes. I was the manager of the team who developed initially, a few years back09:15
toscalixbut the tool has come a long way since then09:15
szlinhow come?09:16
toscalixnow it has become a product almost09:16
toscalixLots of effort on it09:16
* rajm has used it but very much as an initial evaluation, was beginning to scratch surface09:17
szlinI see.09:18
rajmvery dep on using particular distros but that may not be a problem09:18
toscalixrajm: fedora, opensuse.... more and more distros using it09:19
rajmyes those 2 but maybe things are opeing out more09:19
szlinAFAIK, Debian is not using openqa.09:20
szlinbwh: please correct me if I am wrong.09:20
bwhWell there seems to be some unofficial attempt at using it:
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szlinAdam Majer had a session with openqa in debconf1709:21
bwhRight, I wasn't there09:22
szlinBack to the topic, any other discussion?09:22
toscalixIn my opinion, there will be the default test framework for any complez linux system. The cost/benefit is insane. But I am bias since I feel part of the baby so...09:23
toscalixyes, offtopic09:23
patersoncThanks for the info. It sounds like there is no big push for a CIP Jenkins server at this time. I'll look more into what KernelCI can do.09:23
toscalixpatersonc: if there is need, let's discuss it, yes09:23
toscalixI have a question,09:23
toscalixbwh: sent the patches for review. Is there anybody who is interested in review patches that cannot access to them or has problems with them?09:24
szlinpatersonc: Since Daniel Sangorrin is using Fuego for testing, Fuero is a Jenkins-based test framework09:24
patersoncszlin: Okay. I guess it's a question of whether CIP wants to start centalizing Fuego etc. or not.09:26
patersonctoscalix: AGL uses Fuego right?09:26
patersoncOr just LTSI?09:26
toscalixnot yet09:26
toscalixfuego compatibility with lava is not there yet09:27
szlintoscalix: I am reviewing the patch via linux-stable.git09:27
patersoncAh okay09:27
bwhszlin: OK, but you won't be able to send replies without the mail.09:27
toscalixszlin: cool09:27
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szlinbwh: how about 1. cherry-pick 2. sign-off the patch 3. send the mail via git send-email if there is no issue09:28
bwhSorry, why would you be sending a patch?09:29
szlinbwh: shouldn't we add "Signed-off-by" after reviewing the patch?09:30
bwhNo, since the patches are already getting applied to a git branch they can be merged into CIP's branch09:30
szlinor just send out the mail and mention that this patch has be done09:30
szlinI see09:31
patersoncbwh: So there's no addition of reviewed-by tags either?09:31
bwhpatersonc: Not usually but Greg would probably be willing to add them if that is sent before the end of the review cycle09:32
patersoncbwh: okay09:32
szlinI need to go since the meeting is overtime09:32
bwhszlin: So I suggest you make a note of the patches you reviewed and didn't see any issue with, and then send a list of those to cip-dev09:32
bwhplus separate mails about any problematic patches09:33
szlinbwh: ok, thanks.09:33
szlinany questions?09:33
szlinthanks all09:33
rajmthanks szlin!09:33
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toscalix_need to go, sorry09:37
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rajmpatersonc: has there been any comeback on my B@D instructions email re. the Renesas board?10:03
patersoncrajm: I haven't seen any feedback yet, sorry. I'll chase.10:13
rajmok thanks!10:14
* patersonc sends nudge10:14
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