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* rajm ran a BBB healthcheck with email to the list08:18
rajmhowever the renesas board is timing out again at 'starting kernel'08:20
rajmthe renesas HC eventually runs with email to list - 4 previous failures once I'd fixed the changed IP address of the remote switcher08:56
* rajm thinks that can be closed09:58
* rajm intends to start the pending provision from scratch10:09
toscalixrajm: yay10:12
rajm...also intending to do 3 board tests as part of this now10:58
toscalixrajm: at the same timne?11:26
toscalixthat would be cool11:26
rajmmeaning in the same VM I hope (lacking 3 hands....)11:28
toscalixsame VM. No bionics yet, please11:37
* rajm applauds (harder to do with those bionics)11:38
rajm2 out of 3 done - for the Renesas getting "FILL REMOTE POWER COMMAND failed" #brainfailure12:24
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rajmand the renesas HC completes - so all 3 tests check out with this fresh VM (it took 8 tests in all though) but I'll tick the issue box12:42
* rajm tries and fails to close #167 I think gitlab is misbehaving13:16
toscalixtry it later13:20
toscalixthey usually announce via twitter when they are working on an issue13:21
rajmwill do - I've removed doing from #167 (which again was flaky - the label removal...)13:21
rajmjust updating the journal13:22
rajmand succeeds - and then sees another error page - but it is closed!13:32
toscalixlocal event in malaga:
tpollard#167 closed \o/13:39
rajmthe full provision and testing took around 150 mins with some backtracking and an intervening lunch13:42
toscalixI want to automate that, it is insane13:48
toscalixto pay attention to a two hours process13:48
rajmthough some phases you can go away (though you don't know for how long), 20+mins for the provision and sim for the build, but the stage of the actual hardware test is, I think, necessarily manual13:54
toscalixI see13:55
toscalixletÅ› see when one of the colleagues can help us there13:55
rajmok, I think now we have the private network getting the vm in a test ready state is a lot more automatable (at least for BBB)13:57
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toscalixThank you very much bwh
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