IRC logs for #cip for Wednesday, 2018-02-14

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rajmsees Zoran's update to issue #99 (closed) and considers re-opening it12:21
toscalixwas was the issue with lava today, rajm ?13:05
rajmI was unable to connect to lava in my vm, after a lot of digging I found the message ' DoesNotExist: Site matching query does not exist' and realised that my setting of the sitename to get email notifications working was probably the root cause, I tried reinstalling lava but our scripts aren't easily undoable and ended up re-creating the vm from scratch13:10
rajmI'd hoped that a remove of lava and then re-running install (and configure) lava would not be too error prone but I missed reversing some of the s/80/8080/ and decided the cleanest thing was a re-provision13:28
* rajm reopens #9914:19
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* rajm builds initramfs using busybox 1.28.0 (the latest) rather than the 1.26.2 that the wiki mentions - ok so far will see once I get to a health check!14:26
toscalixrajm is updating like crazy14:34
* toscalix welcome updates14:34
rajm\o/ - and the health check runs first time - no email - not set up yet, I'm going to be a little more careful over that step today!!14:40
toscalixalmost back on track14:59
toscalixwith updated kernelci15:00
rajmyes health check with latest kernelci and v4.4.105-cip1515:02
toscalixI will report this friday about your activities unless you prefer to do it yourself15:14
toscalixI will based on the journal15:15
rajmhappy for you to do, and will be there (but not in office) tomorrow for meeting15:15
* rajm finishes a coffee and will then slowly set up email!15:16
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* rajm awaits email from health check...16:39
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rajmemail arrives, a good point to end for the day!16:51
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