IRC logs for #cip for Tuesday, 2018-02-13

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rajmI've created so that the user can amend files in /etc/linaro - changes now seen by kernelci - we want to allow a longer timeout on visible builds in the UI rather than the default 5 days11:20
rajmvery pleasing (well to me!) that MR 54 addresses issue #5412:47
toscalixrecord that, it won't happen again in your life13:34
toscalixnor mine13:34
* rajm reopens issue 5513:43
rajm(clearly not seriously...)13:43
rajmNo idea what happened there, MR 54 fixes issue 165 (not 54!)15:19
* rajm fixes journal15:20
toscalixtoo good to be true15:25
* rajm sets up b@d vm separate from the fortnightly build with latest kernelci and will set up email so that it can regularly email out health checks again15:55
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