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* rajm closes #120 - which was an issue with the 0.9 tag no longer being a working version and 1.0 is out so...09:14
rajmThe job with ID # 28 has finished with status Complete on 2017-11-02 08:55:39 (+0000 UTC). Job was submitted by lava-health. Job details and log file: http://localhost:8080/scheduler/job/28 - daily BBB health check works again09:20
toscalixsorry to insist but this is with the previous cip kernel, not the latest one, right?09:22
rajmthis is with cip11 kernel09:28
toscalixchecking the issues reported from elce, I find #164 as the one with higher impact. Do you agree?09:30
rajmthe health check has been altered so it will always be this one - until I alter it again - but maybe the note needs adding to the daily irc notification09:30
toscalixadding the kernel we are testing in the irc notification is a good thing09:31
rajmI'm not sure that's configurable automatically but should be looked at - adds issue09:33
* rajm updates journal, now to update the issues mentioned in those journal entries!09:34
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rajmI've made an initial change to document how to test externally built kernels (testing page)13:40
* rajm has also updated #164 to point to 2 variables the users may wish to configure in kernelci13:40
rajmooooh lots of mentions of the 0.9 version of b@d on the testing page - fixes!14:15
rajmah just 2 - you can see where I copied and pasted!14:16
toscalixCTtpollard: so tested passed?14:18
toscalixtests passed?14:18
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CTtpollardusing the remote PDU instead of soft rebooting the BBB yes14:18
CTtpollard& stops the needed for the board to be manually hard rebooted between tests14:19
toscalixgood news14:19
toscalixso the only missing piece is building the kernel with renesas board support14:20
toscalixbwh: around? We will need your help on this one14:20
CTtpollardcip-core is currently pulling in
toscalixwe need to test the latest version of the CIP kernel to detect regressions in patches that bwh and daniel w. want to add, coming from lts or not14:30
CTtpollardwith shmobile_defconfig & an extra karg of 0x40008000 for uboot entry14:31
CTtpollardthat's all I can derive currently from the cip-core config14:32
CTtpollardother than that it seems to be default kernel build behaviour from poke/meta14:33
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